Pre-roll Joints at Lowell Farms

Cannabis joints have always been the most iconic and conic way to smoke weed. If you were given $1 million for every movie you named that had joint smoking in it, you’d probably be a multi-millionaire. Even with the advent of so many other ways to consume cannabis, the magical joint remains beloved and desired by the masses.

Getting and Smoking Cannabis Joints Today

Things have certainly changed with weed and society. In the past, weed was available on the black market; however, unless you were well-connected to a grower or dealer, you were limited in your choice of joint material. You were also subject to droughts when no one had any weed to speak of, not even low-grade brick weed.

Today that has all changed with the times. In certain cities in California and throughout the nation, cannabis stores abound. They’ll sell you anything from marijuana brownies to pre-roll joints. You’ll have your selection of dozens of types of weed, and these locales test their products for harmful chemicals that can harsh your overall cannabis-consumption experience.

However, unless you’re a producer and vendor like Lowell Farms, you’re not necessarily providing the purest cannabis for your customers. They produce and sell 100% organic cannabis in all forms. This means cannabis joints and pre-rolls stuffed with weed from Lowell Farms won’t put filthy pesticides in your lungs and make you sick.

If you don’t know how to roll joints, or simply need a break from it, Lowell Farms sells some of the best pre-roll joints in the world. Some would say they are the best. They’re the most popular; revenue from Lowell Farms pre-roll joints has grown substantially over the past two years.

And why is that? Because cannabis joints from Lowell Farms are available in 350 stores, they deliver, and people love them!

And thanks to a little bit of ingenuity from the people at Lowell Farms, the nation’s first legal cannabis restaurant, Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe, is opening in West Hollywood on September 24th, 2019. Yes; you heard correctly: Soon the adult public in SoCal can consume cannabis and food legally at an establishment that caters to their marijuana consumption.

It was not an easy road for Lowell Farms to finally get permission to pioneer their cafe. Essentially, their initial business plan violated laws that prohibit canna-lounges from selling food and beverages onsite.

Instead of scrapping the idea until favorable legislation was passed, Lowell Farms decided to split itself into two entities. One of them runs the kitchen and restaurant, and the other runs the canna lounge. The idea worked, and everything is ready to go for the 24th.

Customers will have a full selection of cannabis to choose from, such as pre-roll cannabis joints to concentrates, oils, and vape pens. When it’s time to satisfy their hunger, they’ll be treated to the food skills of chef Andrea Drummer.

Because of the legalities, Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe is divided into three areas. Those wanting food and non-alcoholic beverages will hang out in the 1600 square foot cafe but must do so without consuming cannabis. For the rest, there is a 2500 square-foot indoor lounge as well as an 1800-square-foot outdoor garden dedicated to the consumption of cannabis. Visitors in these areas can smoke, vape, and eat edibles.

You can also fulfill all of your cannabis needs online at Lowell Farms where you’ll find a high-quality array of products and services, including delivery.

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