Preparing the Home for Spring

Spring is nearly in the air, so it’s time to prepare for the coming of the new season. Fixing up the home for spring is a good idea to invigorate and remove some gloom we felt due to the pandemic.

When you prepare the home for spring, it’s best to cover as much as you can. You should work on both the interior and exterior of the home. This means doing a bit of spring cleaning both inside and outside the house.

Clean the Windows

Looking at birds flying past the windows is best when they are clean. So, it’s always a good idea to clean the windows in preparation for spring. During winter, the windows keep the cold winds out. And along with the wind, you will notice that it also has dirt and dust. There are even instances when you see a bit of salt in it. So, you have to clean the window properly.

After cleaning it, you’ll probably notice the amount of light the dirt has blocked. Additionally, you may also want to replace the draperies you used for winter. Lighter curtains are perfect for spring. So, take them out of the storage and put them up in place of winter draperies.

Repair the Roof

The next thing you need to work on is the roof. Similar to the windows, the roof typically bears the brunt of winter weather. It’s important to have even the most minor damage fixed. This allows you to avoid costly overhauls in the future. Additionally, you should make sure to remove any leaves, branches, or debris you will find on the roof.

Treating the roof with copper sulfate or chlorine bleach is necessary when you see moss and mold growing on it. Have a reliable roofer work on any missing shingles as well.

Clear the Gutter and Downspouts

Since you’re already cleaning the roof, you might as well work on the gutter and the downspout. Clearing the gutters of any debris allows you to avoid issues in the future. Once the spring rains come, the water will overflow if debris is blocking the gutter and downspouts.

The water can damage the interior and exterior of the house. Debris-laden gutters also attract pests and rodents. It can also be a good place for mold to grow and bees to build their hives once spring comes. But you can avoid this by simply removing any debris you find there.

Prepare the HVAC

After the cold winter weather, your HVAC unit will likely have a bit of rest when spring comes. With this, you can have it checked and cleaned. Additionally, you can also have the HVAC repaired by a reliable contractor if damaged during the cold winter season.

The warmer weather also means you can reprogram the thermostat to save on your energy bill. Instead of simply turning it off, you can set it at around 78 degrees Fahrenheit when spring comes.

Take Care of the Lawn

Aside from the house itself, you should also check the lawn. Once the snow melts, you will have to work on the lawn to rejuvenate it and get it back into shape. You can start by taking out the rake and removing any leaves or branches in the lawn. After raking the debris, you can also mow it a bit to give it a fresher look.

Pruning the shrubs and trees is also a good idea to give your home a great curb appeal. You can put all the debris you collected into a compost pit that you can use later on if you’re planning to set up a garden in the backyard.

Declutter the Home

Spring cleaning isn’t complete if you do not remove the clutter in the house. You can work on decluttering the home one room at a time. This way, you will not feel overwhelmed by the idea of cleaning the whole house.

You can use any method or strategy for spring cleaning. You can also use the KonMari Method of Marie Kondo, where you work on cleaning up the home by categories rather than by room. But you need to commit yourself to work on decluttering the home. You should also avoid getting distracted when you see an item that brings back fond memories. The important thing here is for you to prepare the home for the coming of spring.

Preparing the home for spring takes a lot of work. You should work on a schedule where you can tackle one task before moving to the next.

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