How to Prevent Door Slamming Noises?

How many times have you been startled by the slamming noise of your door? In most cases, the wind is the main culprit, particularly when some of your windows are open. Then, the air from the outside alters the pressure of the air inside, thus causing the door to slam.

However, what happens if the slamming noise repeats constantly without having an air pressure change? In these cases, slamming is perhaps caused by an improperly installed door element which should be checked and replaced.

The following tips will help you in the process of inspection, replacement of elements, and using anti-door-slam products to prevent noise.

Place a doorstop

Whenever you want to leave your door and windows open at the same time, the simplest and most effective solution is to place a doorstop under the door, which is going to prevent it from slamming. This is the lowest-cost solution, which you might want to employ if you don’t plan to spend much money on solving this problem.

In addition, if you’re worried that the doorstop will ruin the aesthetics of your room, don’t worry, as nowadays doorstops can be found in various designs and colors, able to fit in every room in the house. By choosing a nice-looking doorstop, you can only contribute to the overall décor of your home. Read more about the advantages of different types of doorstops.

Inspect the door hinges

Another factor to consider when trying to find the cause of door slamming is inspecting the hinges. They’re likely to make it slam in case they’ve served their time or were installed improperly, thus resulting in indoor imbalance. The first thing to do is to check whether the screws are tight enough. Sometimes the problem might be solved just by using a screwdriver to tighten the loose ones.

modern contemporary door stoppers

Nevertheless, in most cases tightening screws won’t do the trick. If hinges show signs of damage, there’s no other solution but to replace them. Some homeowners prefer to remove the door to replace them, but there’s a possibility of not removing it by following a certain procedure.

You should begin with the hinges on the top by unscrewing the old ones and replacing them with the new ones you bought. You’re supposed to do the same procedure on the middle ones and the ones on the bottom.

However, don’t forget to use a level to determine the right alignment. Don’t rely on the way the hinges were aligned previously, as the wrong alignment might have been the exact reason for the slamming noise.

Use felt pads

Felt pads apart from being attached to furniture to prevent floor scratches, can serve another purpose of being placed on the doorframes to minimize the sound that the door makes upon closing. Place a couple of pads on the top, middle, and bottom of the doorframe, selecting their size according to your needs and preferences.

Moreover, to achieve a greater effect you can stick a few pads above the lock. Click on the following link: https://www.dreamgreendiy.com/2011/04/19/new-uses-for-an-old-thing-felt-pads/, to read more about the incredible uses of this product.

Use weather strips

In case felt pads didn’t achieve the desired result, you can try using weather stripping, made of foam and adhesive tape. The foam acts as a sound absorber, thus reducing the slamming noise. It also provides a softer closing of the door.

Door Closer

When you purchase weather stripping, it isn’t made to fit your door, but it’s your job to take measures of your door dimensions and cut the stripe accordingly. Make sure you take the correct measures before you cut the strip and remove the adhesive tape. Also, you’re supposed to clean the doorframe from the inside to make sure that the adhesive functions properly.

To be sure that you are attaching the weatherstrip correctly, it’s better to start attaching it from one corner and then continue to the others. Don’t use force during the process as you’ll have trouble removing it, in case of a problem. When you’re sure that the foam strip fits your doorframe perfectly, you can use a little pressure to ensure it won’t be removed easily.

Consider door-closers

Both having and lacking a door-closer can be the reason for the unbearable slamming noise. In the former case, your door-closer might not function properly due to bad installation or bad adjustment of the tension screw. The best way of discovering what’s wrong with it is by increasing its tension to a point where the door starts closing properly.

However, if it still slams regardless of how much you adjust the tension, then it’s probably not installed appropriately.

In the latter case, if you haven’t installed a door closer so far, now might be a good time. You can choose from the two most effective types: pneumatic or hydraulic. The first one is smaller in size and more convenient for installation while the second one is bigger, but it is more effective.

Apart from the above-mentioned useful tips on preventing slamming noise, you can also read an article called Door Slam Preventers – How To Stop Slamming Doors to learn some more.

Wrap up

Since there’s nothing more annoying than hearing your door slam numerous times in a row, you’d better do something to stop the unbearable noise.

These tips will make the slamming noise disappear!

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