Prevent Unnecessary Water Wastage by Conserving Water — 8 Effective Ways

Undoubtedly, water is considered one of the most essential natural resources required for the sustainability of living beings. It’s impossible to live a single day without using water for our day-to-day chores.

Starting from drinking a considerable amount of water to stay hydrated to cleaning contaminated laundries — water is the most precious resource that everyone counts on. Over the years, due to excessive water usage in industries or population growth, water scarcity has become a global concern.

As per a recently conducted survey, it was analyzed that a standard family uses almost 300 gallons of water daily to mitigate their necessities. Though the supply of clean and fresh water is seemingly increasing, without conserving it, you might experience drastic consequences. And, you must be aware that, on Earth, only 1% of the water can be used to serve the different needs of a home.

Thinking about what the remaining 99 percent of water can be used for? Well, those water bodies are mostly oceans, and these saltwater bodies aren’t suitable for any practical uses. This is the primary reason why water conversation is becoming important in every region of the world. Even there are drought-prone areas that are struggling to get fresh water for not conserving water at the right time.

You might have already started to implement the basic techniques to save water, and here are a few more that you should consider adding to the list.

1. Turning off the Faucet Immediately will Help

Do you know that a standard faucet flows approximately 2.2 gallons of water per minute? Yes! So, consider turning off the faucets immediately after accomplishing the water-related jobs. Be it washing your face or dishes, don’t leave it open for too long. It can negatively impact not only the environment but also results in increasing the monthly utility bill.

You might have stored adequate amounts of water in the water tanks, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to keep the faucets running even when it’s not required. Similarly, make sure you have limited the usage of showers as it consumes a lot of water.

2. Repair the Faulty Plumbing Units

Water conversion becomes difficult when there are too many leakages in the plumbing systems. Be it a leaky faucet, or you suddenly find out that water is dripping from the shower heads continuously — make sure you have availed handyman services in Dubai. Moreover, without cleaning or maintaining the plumbing units, after a certain period, can increase the repair expenses ultimately.

So, if you come across signs of water leakage, locate its source and fix it at the earliest possible to avoid wasting water in the coming days.

3. Consider using Compost Bins

Usually, the in-sink garbage disposal consumes a lot of water to provide optimal performance. Therefore, we would highly recommend switching to compost bins instead of these sorts of disposal units. Nowadays, the latest compost bins come with better energy efficiency capabilities and can effectively reduce water waste by homeowners.

4. Opt for Installing Dual Flush Toilets

Have you ever thought of installing dual flush toilets? No! Then, it’s worth mentioning that, with the assistance of these sorts of plumbing units you can dramatically reduce water consumption. Moreover, these dual flush toilets come in different sizes, and designs and are ideal for every type of residence.

5. Harvesting Rainwater is a Great Solution

Over time, rainwater harvesting has become one of the best practices for conserving water, especially in places where water scarcity is prominent. Moreover, you can find rainwater harvesting kits that can be easily placed on the lawn or yard. You can reuse these water sources throughout the garden afterward or serve a wide range of other purposes.

Rainwater harvesting provides a tremendous opportunity to conserve a considerable amount of water every year in residential properties. But only placing the rain barrels for holding the rainwater is not enough; it’s essential to implement the right strategy or method. So acknowledge it and consider using this water conservation strategy to meet daily water needs.

6. Repair the Running Toilet, It’s Essential

Once you find out that the toilet is running continuously, consider replacing the flapper immediately. And, make sure you have contacted experienced plumbers to fix the problem. After thoroughly checking the unit, these professionals can detect the source of the problem, owing to their years of experience.

If you have leakage in the toilet, then this simply means you are wasting more than 100 gallons of water unknowingly.

Don’t put tissue or any other objects in the toilet, and it can make this system unresponsive. And, if you are unable to fix this problem even after repairing it, make sure you have installed an energy-efficient model to save water.

7. Buy an Eco-friendly Washing Machine

These days, the majority of house owners are inclined towards buying energy-efficient washing machines. Not only because it helps to prevent unwanted energy consumption, but you can make the clothes contamination-free even after using less water.

You just simply need to configure the washer’s settings to save gallons of water. With the advent of the latest washers, you are getting the opportunity to save up to 35-50% of water with ease.

8. Learn Smart Ways to Watering the Lawn

While watering the lawn, make sure the sprinkler systems are working properly to conserve water efficiently. Sprinkler systems are considered to be one of the most water-intensive equipment that can increase the energy bill. And, instead of placing them under the sidewalks or side of the house, consider installing sprinklers in such places where they can cover the grass sufficiently.

Do you know what the ideal time to water the lawn is? Yes! You should always consider watering the lawn early in the morning, and this prevents rapid evaporation. This simply indicates that you will require less water to cover the entire lawn. So, don’t forget to try this easy method!

Yearly or Monthly Appliance Maintenance is Important!

Yes! With proper maintenance, you can keep aside the leakage and other unwanted breakdowns of the plumbing units. Ensure you have connected with a skilled handyman who can undertake the necessary maintenance, repair, and cleaning-related jobs.

And, if you notice sudden spikes in the water bill, serious leaks, and other maintenance or repair issues, don’t hesitate to contact an expert for conserving water. So, limit water usage by taking necessary precautions from now on.

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