Prevent Unpleasant Hangovers with These 9 Tips

A night of drinks, singing, laughing, and partying is all fun and games until you feel the nasty after-effects the following morning. One of the worst parts of a night out is a hangover. It strikes hardest after alcohol has exited your body. The symptoms of a hangover include nausea, fatigue, dehydration, vomiting, and headache.

The good news is that you can take measures to help you escape the horrors of feeling incredibly miserable after a night out.

Here are a few tips to help you avoid an epic hangover:

1- Drink Moderately

This is the most effective way to avoid a hangover. You’re less likely to experience a severe hangover when you put in less alcohol in your body.

Take note, though, that the amount of alcohol you can drink depends on many factors, such as the amount of sleep you’ve had, how much water you’ve drunk, and the amount of food you’ve eaten. The U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans, however, recommends legal adults consume alcohol in moderate amounts, consisting of:

  • Up to two drinks a day for men
  • Up to one drink a day for women

If you are unable to control the amount of alcohol you drink or recognize the negative effects of drinking, look into a program for alcoholism treatment.

2- Never Drink on an Empty Stomach

Before you hit the party, try to eat normally throughout the day. Make sure that you at least eat a healthy snack or small meal. Filling your belly will make sure that your body doesn’t metabolize alcohol too quickly. Just remember not to eat too much – you’ll feel bloated and this could spoil an evening of fun and excitement.

If you are going to eat at the party, steer clear of peanuts and chips. They’ll make you thirstier and encourage you to drink more.

3- Choose Your Alcohol Wisely

Dark spirits, such as bourbon, and red wine can make your hangover a total nightmare. Instead of these heavy drinks, opt for lighter ones, such as gin and vodka. Visit Garden Street they are offering gin delivery.

Dark drinks tend to contain more congeners, and impurities that contribute to the severity of hangovers. These natural chemical byproducts can irritate your brain.

On top of your choice of alcohol, make sure that you check the label on the battle. Look for the percent sign to find out the drink’s alcohol by volume (ABV). As much as possible,

4- Pick the Right Drinking Buddies

Another reason people drink too much (and feel like garbage the next day) is that they hang out with the wrong crowd. The friends you’re with can determine how many shots or beer glasses you’ll gulp in one night.

When you’re invited to a party, make sure you’re with people who won’t push you to “drink ’til you drop.” Also, take note of your drinking buddies who bail on plans to nurse a hangover. When these people invite you out again, just say no.

5- Dance More, Drink Less

If you’re going to be partying all night long, make sure you do a lot more dancing and a lot less chugging. Holding a drink while you’re showing off your moves can be difficult – and this is a good thing. This slows the destructive cycle of emptying your beer or wine glass and refilling it immediately.

6- Remember to Rehydrate

After you’ve worked up a sweat on the dance floor, don’t reach for the nearest alcohol. Instead, rehydrate by drinking water.

Take note that alcohol is a diuretic. This means that it increases your need to urinate. It could also raise the likelihood of dehydration.

When you’re going to take a few shots, remember to drink plenty of water afterward. This will reduce the symptoms of dehydration, such as headache and fatigue.

7- Exercise More

Don’t just limit your workout regimen to partying on the dance floor. Hit the gym, as well. One of the reasons behind hangovers is that some people drink to blow off steam – and they, unfortunately, have one too many drinks.

Instead of “drinking” your stress away, work out. Your body will thank you later.

8- Space Your Drinks

Taking one shot after another or making alcohol your only drink for the night is a surefire way to get a hangover. When you’re at the party, make every other drink a non-alcoholic one.

After taking a shot, for example, drink water or Gatorade. Avoid fizzy drinks, as the carbonation in that beverage will make you absorb the alcohol more quicker.

9- Check Your Medications

If you’re taking maintenance meds, make sure that they don’t adversely react to alcohol. If you are on any medication that doesn’t mix well with drinking, think carefully. Consider whether the shots you’ll take are worth the bad head the following day.

Hangovers are preventable. These nine suggestions will help you enjoy a night of drinking and partying – and wake up refreshed and happy the next morning.

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