Primal Eating & Pregnancy- Is It Safe?

Being pregnant is the happiest phase in a woman’s life but at the same time, it is that period of life when you need to be extra careful about what you do, what you eat, etc. Primal eating is a lifestyle that has become a craze in recent times. But is it safe for pregnant women? Let’s check it here.

Eating a high fat, nutrient-packed, protein diet while you are pregnant will give the baby all the building blocks required to create a strong and healthy neural connection as well as a resilient body. Eating a primal diet will benefit the mom to be to enjoy better sleep, enhanced energy, and less nausea.

Also, including whole foods in your diet like grass-fed, organic things will reduce the chances of synthetic hormones, pesticides, and antibiotics exposure to the baby and so the little one will grow with a powerful immune system and nice hormonal profile.

Is Primal living safe in pregnancy?

Following the primal diet i.e. without vegetable oils, legumes, grains, and low sugar is safe for the mother as well as the child. Avoid taking gluten, and lectins and reduce your intake of sugar through avoiding processed foods. This will help you to experience reduced bloating, prevent gestational diabetes as well as avoid weight gain, etc.

A lot of women who consume a complete primal diet during pregnancy face no nausea. Oftentimes, keeping food in the stomach is all that is required to avoid the feeling of nausea. Apart from eating the primal diet, walking is great for pregnant women as well.

Take as much sleep as you can and drink lots of water. Move slowly and spend quality time in natural surroundings. Nurture yourself with what makes you happy and relaxed. Try focusing on positive things and you will experience a healthy pregnancy.

Primal Blueprint is, in fact, a great option for all those who wish to conceive or are already nursing or pregnant. You need to make sure that you know that certain nutrients and foods should be consumed for better pregnancy time.

Egg yolks are great as they are considered to be nature’s multivitamin. As they are rich in choline nutrients, suggests that about 86 percent of women do not have a sufficient amount of choline. This is considerable because choline helps to protect against neural tube problems. It even plays a very crucial role in overall brain growth, helping to form the cholinergic neurons and connections between the neurons which are so important during the first few years of a baby’s life.

Cod liver oil is another superfood during pregnancy that is believed to be a sacred fertility food. It is one of the biggest Vitamin A sources. Also, it has more Vitamin D/unit weight and Vitamin D is vital to pregnancy and fertility. This Vitamin D also promotes the development of bones mainly during 3rd trimester when the fetal skeleton starts growing at a rapid speed.

So, in all, it can be said that primal eating and living is safe and good during pregnancy.

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