Problems of e-lessons

Online learning is not a new invention. Yet, it became a trend recently because of the current situation of coronavirus and the quarantine all the world has to do. 

For the purpose of continuing the education process, different institutions adapted to the situation and created or used different e-learning systems. Although they all nearly serve the same function, there are minor differences that make one system stand out among the others. Similar to online casino games, you can find hundreds of free online casinos, but kasyna online polska always stands out. 

Although e-learning has eased things out, there are problems that emerged with kind of education. Some of these problems won’t affect the education process that much. However, they should always be considered for improving the system.

Technical Issues

Technical issues are found everywhere. Even during the normal education conditions, there have always been technical issues. However, the problem is that when students are alone at home, there is a big chance they won’t be able to solve these problems alone. 

Also, sometimes the technical issues are related to other conditions out of the students’ hands. For example, poor internet connectivity or very low bandwidth. In such cases, there is no way the teacher or assistants can help the students. Further, if the problem is something the students lack expertise in, this makes the matter more difficult. So, having the students inside a class makes technical issues solvable and speeds up the process. 

Time Management

A major problem for learners is managing their time. Some learners believe that e-lessons have solved this problem. However, others think completely the opposite. 

Those who believe e-lessons have solved the problem think they are now more flexible. They can listen to their classes at any time from anywhere. On the other hand, others believe it is about quality. Accessing a class at any time is not efficient. Also, these classes can occur at any time as students may be living in different time zones. This increases the time management problem more.

Computer Literacy

This problem is not prevalent as the previous ones. This is because new generations know how to deal with a computer. Moreover, either learning is online or on the ground, computers became the main part of any education process today. 

Yet, if there are one or more students who lack computer literacy, this will be a problem. The teacher or instructor will have to repeat things again and again. Also, this might cause disturbance to other students who already know how to use a computer. 

Lack of Communication 

Communication is a very important aspect of the educational process. Face-to-face communication is the best during teaching. In e-lessons, communication is possible but using other methods as cameras, screen recordings, voice recordings, and chat. All of the means are good, but they are not as efficient as face-to-face communication. 

Also, communicating physically with other classmates can add value to the learning process. This is very obvious in courses that need physical activity. Besides helping and learning from each other, it motivates students and enhances their learning capabilities.

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