Project Living Room: Less Is More

Planning a living room remodel, although an interesting endeavor, can sometimes be quite overwhelming, especially if you are doing it for the first time ever. While you might be excited to pick new colors and decide on the new layout of the room, once you get down to budget planning and organization some of the excitement might fade and get replaced with stress.

Project Living Room

However, if you approach the project with the right mindset in place and clearly define both your end goal and how you plan to achieve it, the level of stress you will be exposed to will be significantly lower. Furthermore, with the help of some neat design tips and tricks, you will be able to create a beautiful interior in no time, saving both your money and your nerves.


Get familiar with the prices

Before you get down to planning everything, you should first create a budget. However, in order to do so, you will have to first learn what the prices are in general. If you are completely redoing your room and want to replace everything you have in it, start by visiting various furniture stores and noting down the average prices of the pieces you find interesting. Also, make sure you contact various contractors you might need – if you are not planning to remodel everything on your own – and ask them for a quote. If, on the other hand, you plan on remodeling the room on your own, see how much money you will need to set aside for the necessary material. Once you have all the prices listed, you can create the budget, but make sure you increase it for 15%-20% contingency. Once that is done, you can begin with your project.

remodel everything livingroom


Sell your old stuff

Once again, if you are planning to replace all of your things, make sure you take everything you no longer need out before you begin so that you have enough room to move around freely. However, don’t just throw your old things away. Instead, list them on websites, such as Craigslist, or bring them in front of your home and put a sign up so that people know the things are for sale. Alternatively, you can also take them to donation centers or gift them to an interested party on the spot. Whatever you decide to do, make sure that your things don’t end up in a landfill, to avoid contributing to the ever-growing pollution problem.

Sell your old stuff


Start decorating

Now that you are left with a clear canvas, you can begin your decorating journey. Start by painting your walls and taking care of the flooring first. This way, you will create a perfect base for the rest of your design. Once that is done, fill your room with furniture, but make sure you don’t go overboard. Do know that in interior design, less truly is more, so instead of cramming your room with unnecessary furniture pieces and numerous seating arrangements, check out some luxurious leather lounge suites. These will provide you with an opulent seating space while creating a perfectly balanced look in your living room. Add just a simple coffee table and some floor lamps for an additional touch of pizzazz and consider incorporating some built-in bookshelves in the design as well. To tie everything together neatly, add a beautiful area rug as the base of your design and enjoy your new living room.

decorating living room


Take care of lighting

Lighting is a crucial part of any interior design and depending on how it is executed, it has the power to either make or break it. Therefore, once everything is in place, take another long, hard look at your room and decide where you want to add some light and enhance some features of your living room design. Task and accent lighting are definitely two of the best solutions you can add to your room’s design that will instantly elevate it to a whole new level. Additionally, consider replacing the overhead lighting fixture as well, especially if you have a single-bulb one, for something that will give off more illumination. You can also play around with different lighting solutions until you find the style you are entirely satisfied with.

living room lighting


So, when redecorating your living room, keep in mind that you don’t really have to do anything crazy. The sleekest and most stunning designs are usually very minimalist in nature, so if that’s your goal, embrace the “less-is-more” notion and create a beautiful environment without going overboard.

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