Projects to Set Yourself this Summer

At a loose end? Staring into the summer void? If your summer’s shaping up to be a little bare, we have a few ideas to help you fill it. Free time doesn’t always have to mean trips or events; you can use it to explore pastimes and skills you may not have had time for previously. 

For the more introverted – or overworked – among us, taking the time to learn something new might well be just what we need to restore a sense of vitality and motivation that work or school may have been chipping away at. So, here are a few ideas for projects to set yourself up this summer.

Learn a new skill that will up your employability

If you’re a graduate or career-minded in any way, we don’t need to tell you how stiff the competition for a fulfilling job has become. Gone are the days when a college degree alone was enough to put you on your chosen career path. 

Today, qualifications alone won’t cut it, so why not take the time to learn a new skill that will help you stand out from the crowd? It might be coding, video editing, graphic design, or any number of the skills you can learn online at the click of a button. Plus, mastering something you’ve never tried before can be a great confidence boost if you’ve been feeling a little flat.

Learn a language 

The benefits of learning a language are well documented, but just in case you didn’t get the memo, we’ll treat you to a condensed pitch. Language learning is a brilliant way not only to expand your mind but also to open doors to travel, adventure, and even relocation. It can also do much to help your resume stand out in a crowd. 

Not to mention, learning a new language can be so much fun (if you do it right). There’s a reason dopamine is the principal component in the design of language learning apps. Download an app or hire a private tutor to make sure you’re getting the most out of your study time.


At first glance, the idea of studying might feel somewhat anathema to your time off plans but hear us out. If you’re ever at a loose end, a brilliant remedy can be picking a subject you’ve always wanted to know more about – whether it’s a news story that keeps popping up or a topic you touched on in college but never got the chance to fully explore – and read up on it! 

You can do this at your local library, or just sitting at home on your laptop. Either way, we live in the information age; opportunities to educate yourself for free have never been more abundant – grab them with both hands!

Plan a trip 

What with work and daily commitments, when we finally get the chance to travel, it can feel like a mad rush to get everything organized, meaning that planning the details is too often left to the last minute scroll on trip advisor the day before you leave. 

Turning this around can be a wonderfully enjoyable project – after all, who doesn’t love sitting at their desk fantasizing about being somewhere else? Deep dive into a location you’ve always dreamed of exploring and resurfacing with a fully fleshed out trip to look forward to.

Get creative 

Ever thought about tapping into your artistic side? The urge to express yourself creatively is not easily repressed and if the mood takes you, you can but answer its call. 

You might want to experiment artistically with something you’ve never done before, so why not get a little brave and try teaching yourself a new skill? Whether it’s painting, composing, or dancing, creative outlets tend to be what help us out when we’re feeling a little lost or identity-deprived, so it’s a wonderful option to be able to turn to. 

Set yourself a challenge 

The previous suggestions have been based on interests and hobbies, but how about we switch it up a little… Why not try challenging yourself to something you’re less keen on? 

For instance, if you’ve never been much of an exerciser but would love to inject a bit of movement into your day for your health and overall wellbeing, you could try running/swimming/yoga every day for a month, and see how you feel. Or perhaps plan to try out a new recipe every evening for a fortnight to build up your repertoire of staple meals. Self-improvement isn’t always the most pleasant to swallow but it will be a lot more palatable if you see it as an exciting way to test yourself. 

Ready, set, go!

So, eschew the road trip plans and cancel the plane tickets. Self-improvement projects are calling and they can be done right from your own home!

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