How To Promote Your Business With A Bobblehead Ninja

Bobbleheads are fun, and their popularity is growing by the day. They are unique and will grab any attention. With the advancement in technology, bobbleheads are becoming popular, and brands are adapting them to promote their business and have more clientele.

If you have a business, a bobblehead ninja is a good idea and a perfect way to increase your brand reach and visibility. Your clientele is likely to connect to your brand easily, and this is good for business since it will lead to growth in sales and business expansion. In this review, we expound further on how a bobblehead ninja can be useful for your business. Let’s get started.

Plan ahead

You can get a custom bobblehead ninja by ordering online. However, before you make your order, you need to research first and plan ahead.

A bobblehead is just like your business logo. Your customer will identify and perceive the brand through it. Naturally, it should stand out from everything else. First, understand why you need the bobblehead. What does it present to the business?

Remember it’s going to make a huge impression on your business. It will give customers and stakeholders everything about the business. Because it’s going to be an important part of your business and campaign, ensure everything is done right.

Match the bobblehead ninja to your brand identity

Just like a logo, it’s going to be in every item, including the client’s letters and promotion materials. A perfect example is a hospital or a clinic that needs a doctor like a bobblehead ninja to appear in their bulletins, letters, posters, and more.

The bobblehead ninja should match your campaign; for instance, you can’t have a doctor bobblehead in the restaurant business. Similarly, you can’t have a pilot bobblehead on a clinic facility. At least, it should match your brand message and your business type.

A bobblehead ninja communicates brand appeal and personality. You need to stay focused on your brand idea, and now it becomes easier to select the best bobblehead ninja for your business. You need certain questions answered so that you can get to the bottom of everything. For example, why you are in business and what makes your brand so special.

What inspires your brand? Brainstorm ideas

This is the hardest step when designing or searching for the best bobblehead for your business. Luckily, you only need to brainstorm and start collecting ideas. Do not hold back anything, bring everything to the table and note down all ideas in your mind.

Some basic rules involve thinking like customers. Of course, you need a pen and paper and involving everybody to bring their own ideas too.


Visualizing is thinking beyond the obvious. If you are a person who travels a lot, then it becomes pretty easy since you can have a collection of the images you need for the perfect bobblehead ninja. Think about the colors, graphics, and illustrations. The mood should reflect the style and features. It’s a perfect area to start. Well, you can also contact the bobblehead company to see the type of sketches they have available.

Let your mind wander and visualize the kind of bobblehead ninja you’d like for your business. If you want something modern, classic, or vintage, these will reflect your mood and inner expressions.

Do your competitors use bobblehead ninjas?

There is no business in the world that can exist without competitors. Competition is good for business since it allows companies to improve the quality of their products and service delivery. Think big and see what your competitors have to offer. It wouldn’t be wise to have a bobblehead ninja that looks like that of your competitor.

Look out for uniqueness, since you wouldn’t want customers to confuse your products with that of your competitors.

However, your competitors will come in handy since you can borrow some useful ideas. Here, you can be able to choose from what your audience will love and make your emphasis. Opt for unique colors that will make your bobblehead outstanding. Ensure the bobblehead reflects your business and attracts lots of attention.

Closing thoughts

Lastly, you need to choose a unique style. Since now you have a clear understanding of what type of bobblehead ninja you’d want for your business, the next step involves choosing the design. Here you’ll need to interact with the company designing your bobblehead ninja and isolate the good from the bad. It can be overwhelming, but the results will awe you since you’ll get the best for your brand. Whatever type of bobblehead ninja you choose for your business, it should communicate your brand message to your clientele in a way that they understand? Stay positive and focus on achieving the best for your business.

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