Prone to Allergies? Read This.

As the weather gets pleasant, we all want to go on a ride with rolled-down windows and breathe in some much-needed fresh air. But hold on, don’t forget about your allergies. Along with the breeze, some pollen might also enter your car and leave you sneezing with a runny nose. So, better use your car’s AC. *sigh*

Allergy is the most common, yet often overlooked disease. According to the National health portal, about 20-30% of the total population develops some kind of allergic disease. A person often has to make plans according to their allergies. They get worse when your immune system is down.

The good news is that natural remedies to cure allergies work. While all might not work to an equal extent for the various kinds of allergies present, here are a few natural remedies that have a history of extensive relief.

Stinging nettle leaf

The stinging nettle is called Urtica dioica in Latin which means “to burn” because these leaves can cause a burning sensation upon contact. Its leaves have hair-like structures that can lead to itching, swelling, or redness. However, when bought processed from a health food store, it can be safely consumed.

You can consume it as a supplement or in tea. It is an excellent remedy for allergies. Take it regularly and you won’t have any issues in years to come. These leaves have many other health benefits. They contain many vital vitamins and are even known to cure arthritis and fever.

Neti Pots

A Neti pot is a simple device that looks like a small teapot. They are excellent in treating allergies, especially when used with a saline solution. They help you get rid of all the yucky pollens that are causing you irritation.

Not only allergies, but Neti pots are also effective in curing a common cold. Make sure the water you use is sterile otherwise, you might develop some infections.

Food items with healthy fats

Anti-inflammatory foods that are rich in healthy fats such as olive oil and cold water fishes like salmon, tuna, and mackerel which are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids are extremely beneficial for your immune system. These can help you fight allergies as well. Food items rich in Vitamin E are also seen to work against allergies. For allergies caused by dust, Ghee works like a wonder. Just put two drops of pure cow ghee put into the nostrils every morning and say goodbye to your dust allergies. The benefits of ghee are wonderful when it comes to human health.

Local Honey

Honey is one of the best healing foods ever and can even help in getting rid of allergies. The idea behind treatment by local honey is that when you consume local honey, you also consume local pollen. After a while, your body gets accustomed to those pollens and doesn’t react to them as an alien. Find out if your local honey supplier sells bee pollen. They are even more effective when taken as a supplement.


How would you feel if your body didn’t have an allergic reaction at all? This is what the onion does. It contains quercetin, which can stop your body from producing histamine as a response to allergic elements. It works in both forms: raw and cooked.

Homemade chest rub

Though many chest rubs are available in the market, making one by yourself isn’t too difficult. Just get hold of lavender, peppermint, and lemon oils, and your work is done. Your 100% natural chest rub is ready in minutes. This is very helpful for relieving congestion and allergies.


Wasabi, a delicious spicy green colored paste is very beneficial in preventing you from allergic elements. Also known as ‘Japanese Horseradish’, it is mostly served in Japanese restaurants as a side dish for sushi. Wasabi contains an ingredient known as allyl isothiocyanate which stimulates the mucus in your nose. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and even anti-cancer effects.

A relaxing steam bath

A good steamy bath will help you breathe better and reduce the effects of allergies. The warm dampness of the bath will moisten your nasal passages and help you flush out mucus and other impurities. Instead of taking a bath, you can also inhale the steam. It is just as effective.

Adding some soothing oils such as lavender and eucalyptus can enhance your steam experience. It has been found that inhaling mint steam helps in relaxing nasal airways and loosens up your body and mind.

Allergies can effectively be cured by these natural remedies. So, do not unnecessarily consume anti-allergic medicines and keep your body healthy.


  1. These natural remedies definitely help us to alleviate the pain and get a faster recovery from allergies. Thank you for sharing these natural remedies. Helpful article 🙂

  2. Yes allergy is a common but serious problem for many people. But you described very well about the remedies, by which we can cure from it. Thanks very much.

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