Prospects and Opportunities of Working at Epic Games

Epic Games is an American company that creates and publishes games and provides technology to third-party manufacturers. It also has its digital distribution platform for PC games, the Epic Games Store. Many developers and those looking for a job wondered – Is Epic Games a good company to work for? Let’s analyze this.

Epic Software Developer

Epic Games is a manufacturer of video games and software. Over the years, the work of this team has been extended to various platforms, from personal computers and consoles to mobile devices. The studio dabbled in many genres simultaneously but eventually specialized in making shooters (both single-player and multiplayer).

Among the latest Epic Games, video games are the Unreal series, Gears of War, and the hugely popular Fortnite Battle Royale, which has earned a place in the company’s history.

Games created by Epic Game company are based on Unreal Engine technology.

Manufacturers license third parties to use it; Since 2015, developers can get it for free by sharing the profits from the sale of their work. Epic Games not only makes video games but also publishes them. Although in its early years, it was possible to find works by third-party companies in the catalog, over time, it limited its publishing activities to games of its production.

The company experienced many difficulties at one time, and many employees left the team. To remain active in the market and compete with Valve and Steam, Epic Games often hired various outsourcing teams and paid for their services, as it was cheaper and faster than finding new supervisors.

So a graph appeared in their budget – services of 3D modeling for games. These services helped to withstand the storm and difficulties within the management. Concerns and problems disappeared within a few months until all problems and deadlines were resolved.

services of 3D modeling for games

At the end of 2018, Epic Games opened its store with digital versions of games for personal computers Epic Games Store. Unlike the dealer in this segment, Valve, which took thirty percent of the price of each game sold, Epic Games took only twelve percent.

The company intended to convince players to use the new platform by offering free games for the first year of operation and selling exclusive games, including Metro Exodus, Borderlands 3, Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, and PC versions of Quantic Dream projects.

Who Owns Epic Games

Epic Games is led by Tim Sweeney, who has been working at epic games since the beginning, and Mark Rein is its vice president. Epic Games is headquartered and managed in Cary, North Carolina, but the company has branches in Germany, China, Japan, South Korea, Sweden, England, and Spain. From 2012-2015, it also had a studio affiliated with it, mostly operated under Epic Games Poland.

Career Opportunities at Epic Games Company

Game dev, in general, like Epic Games, attracts people because this area is developing on an international scale, is promising, and involves fairly high salaries. It seems almost impossible to get into the ranks of game developers, and the niche is already occupied by “more talented and promising.” But no matter how, after analyzing various reviews from employees on various forums and websites, we can honestly say that success depends entirely on candidates and their motivation.

Many come to Epic Games for the first experience, the development of new skills and knowledge, which the company undoubtedly welcomes since this is the standard practice of many companies – to make real professionals out of beginners and continue long-term cooperation. There are a lot of vacancies:

• Technical UI Designer
• Software Engineer
• Epic Games support manager
• QA Lead
• Mobile Platform Engineer
• System Analysts, etc.

Let’s Talk About Money

Business Insider analyzed the salaries of 472 professionals from 12 companies, including Epic Games. Switching to business and numbers:

• Software Engineer: $208.438k – $166.75k
• Data scientist: $157k – $135k
• Back-end developer: $220K – $96,595K

We can continue the list for a long time, but on average, even a jun can earn such an amount; the main thing is motivation and self-control. Former employees often write about this in reviews, hinting that the work process can be difficult and possibly even stressful. Generally, any position or vacancy involves possible difficulties, stress, or fatigue; therefore, everyone must be mentally prepared for this.

Is Epic Games a Good Company? – Final Thought and Answer

Based on the information above, we can conclude that the employees working at Epic Games are literally from all over the world because, for such a company, it will not be a problem to work online in the Japanese office from Berlin (we are in the 21st century). Alternatively, this may be the “Epic Games online support” vacancy or other Epic Games staff.

The Role of 3D Modeling in Their Success

In addition to game development and publishing, Epic Games uses 3D modeling services for games. These services include the creation of 3D models and assets that are used in the game development process. The use of 3D modeling helps increase the visual quality and realism of games.

The Role of 3D Modeling in Their Success

By employing skilled 3D artists and designers, Epic Games can create detailed and lifelike characters, environments, and objects within its games. These 3D models are then integrated into the game engine, such as Unreal Engine, which powers many of Epic Games titles.

The process of 3D modeling for games involves using specialized software to sculpt and shape virtual objects, applying textures and materials to create realistic surfaces, and adding animations and effects to bring the models to life. It requires a combination of artistic skill, technical knowledge, and attention to detail. The use of 3D modeling in game art design allows for greater creativity and flexibility in the creation of game assets. It enables the development team to design unique and visually captivating characters, landscapes, and objects that contribute to the overall immersive experience of the game.

In the case of Epic Games, their investment in 3D modeling services has helped them overcome challenges and meet project deadlines. By outsourcing these services, they were able to access specialized expertise and complete their projects more efficiently.

Overall, the integration of 3D modeling for games has become a crucial component in the game development process. It plays a significant role in creating visually stunning and engaging games that captivate players and contribute to the success of companies like Epic Games.

Topics & Questions

Why is Epic Games better than Steam?

In terms of a platform for games, Steam had no competitors for a long time, and there are most games here because gamers prefer them. But in terms of the company as a whole, Epic Games and Steam hold the brand of worthy employers, and it all depends on specific projects, people, and moods.

How does Epic Games treat its employees?

Official employment, insurance, cozy offices with all the necessary equipment, food, and a place to relax are all the standards a large company sets.

Do Epic Games pay well?

Like all gaming areas, the company pays fairly and does not underestimate salaries. In Epic Games review, even with an overall rating of 2.0, Salary keeps an average from 4.1 to 4.9.

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