How to Protect Your Home with ADT Security: The Loop Holes You Need to Know

ADT home security is one of the most popular home security systems on the market. However, a recent study has shown that some significant loopholes in the system need to be fixed. This article will discuss these loopholes and how they can be fixed. We will also provide tips for keeping your home safe and secure with ADT.

Loopholes in ADT home security

Every company has loopholes that can be breached, including ADT. These are;

  • Their lack of camera coverage in some areas and the fact that they do not have a 24/24 customer service team. ADT has two different groups for this purpose, one working during the day and another at night. This means that if your home is robbed while you are away, ADT will only help you if someone is available during the daytime.
  • One of the most significant loopholes in ADT home security is being easily hacked. A hacker was able to break into an ADT system and take control of the home within minutes. ADT uses a standard username and password combination for all its customers. ADT should require customers to create unique passwords and usernames to fix this.
  • Another major loophole in ADT home security is that it does not offer facial recognition software. This means that anyone can break into your home by simply walking up to the door and ringing the doorbell. ADT should consider adding facial recognition software to its system to fix this.
  • Finally, ADT home security is vulnerable to power outages. This means that if there is a power outage, the system will not work, and your home will be unprotected. ADT should consider adding a backup battery to its design to fix this.

These are just some of the loopholes that have been found in ADT home security. However, there are many other ways to protect your home with ADT. Here are some tips:

  • Install a security system that is not vulnerable to hacking. A good example is the ADT Pulse system. This system uses a combination of biometrics, RFID, and video to identify you when you walk through the door.
  • Make sure that ADT offers facial recognition software with its security systems. This will allow ADT to verify your identity before letting anyone into your home.
  • Keep an eye out for any ADT home security cameras. ADT does not use any kind of facial recognition software with its security systems, so you may want to consider installing an ADT camera system instead.
  • Change the batteries in your ADT alarm every six months or so. The batteries can become faulty and render your ADT alarm useless if they are not changed regularly. Add a backup battery to your ADT alarm system. This will ensure that your home remains protected even in the event of a power outage.

No institution is perfect, one can only evolve, and therefore, with every loophole discovered, ADT is always hasty to fix it.

Needless to say by taking the proper precautions and ensuring that you’re following all the right procedures ADT home security will protect your house in many ways. Here are just a few of the things that ADT can protect your house from:

  • Burglaries: ADT home security can help protect against burglaries 
  • House fires: With a proper security system and remote viewing it is possible to spot a fire before things get out of hand 
  • Prevent attacks before they happen: Having proper ADT signs in front of your house is a huge deterrent to potential thieves 
  • Eliminate hiding areas: Ensure that your whole house is covered so that nothing slips by 

By taking the leap and installing a home security system you’re taking the proper steps to ensure your house is safe for whatever life throws at it. Don’t waste time, make sure you leap as soon as you can to protect your home and all of your belongings. When picking out the right home security system here are some of the factors you want to consider: 

  1. The location of where you’re going to place the home security cameras to ensure that you have full coverage of your house and there are no hiding places 
  2. The reason for installing home security. You want to ensure that home security is the right thing for your situation. Not all problems can be solved by home security but it can certainly help ensure that your house is safe. 
  3. Lock down your WIFI. Not only are you ensuring that your physical house is safe, but you also want to make sure you’re keeping your technology safe against hackers or anyone who can attack your home network
  4. Ensure all doors and windows are covered. Thieves and people of crime are smarter than ever these days, and it’s very easy for them to get past anything. People nowadays are going to great lengths to get what they want, it’s crucial for you to ensure that your things are well protected. 
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