Publicity And Marketing – Is There Any Difference And What Are The Different Types Of Publicity

Publicity is all about creating awareness and getting the attention of the public. To sell any product or service to the public, first of all, need to know that such a company that sells this product or offers this service exists. It is a way of projecting a company or a brand in front of potential customers. Publicity generally gives the authority of an independent voice.

This brings one to the definition of publicity which is the procedure of creating public awareness of a business, brand, product, or service via media coverage and other means of communication. The more people get to know about a business, the higher the possibility of turning them to customers. This may in turn aid in increasing business sales from prospective customers.

Most at times, there is always this confusion between publicity and marketing. So what then is the difference between the two?


What is the difference between publicity and marketing?

While publicity may be a part of a company’s marketing strategy, it is dissimilar from most marketing strategies because there is always no message apart from creating a product or service awareness.

Marketing includes sharing particular advantages and emotions with prospective customers to convince them to make a purchase. Publicity, on the other hand, aims at making a product or brand more detectible or visible. This strategy generally does not segment or describe a product’s particular or unique benefits, but it gets to put it in front of several possible eyes. SEO specialist based in Melbourne outline the specific marketing and publicity campaigns and make each work.

Marketing as a whole is most often directed to a specific audience which is a business’ target audience while publicity targets the public as a whole while shooting at a prospective audience. Publicity campaigns always go before marketing campaigns that come up with more detailed information about a company, brand, product, or service.


Other Types of Publicity

SEO specialist based in Melbourne can provide a business with the right ways to get the public. There are several ways to get into the eyes of the public; businesses can make use of press releases, run ads, and these other means:


Social media

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter lets people connect with their prospective customers. Having a strong social media presence lets you as a brand remains in the minds of your followers. Instead of making an effort to making a single post go viral, you have to rather focus on developing an interested audience slowly and consistently.


Cultural relevance

A smart social media post, viral video, catchy slogan, or captivating public comment can put a business in a positive cultural spotlight. When this gets to happen, the business or brand tends to get free publicity anytime someone references that cultural moment.


Product placement

Product placement is another way of getting your brand, product, or service out there. You can achieve this by sending free products or offering free services to; public figures, bloggers, or other media personalities. Who knows, your products may end up being featured in their blogs, social media posts, or other public content.



Working with other brands or businesses that have a bigger audience can let you get your brand to a wider audience and generate more publicity. You can approach prospective partners and propose; collaborations, product swaps, or offering your products and services free to some of their customers.

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