How to Publish a Long Video on Instagram Story?

One of the latest trends on Instagram is to cut lengthy videos into smaller, more concise clips to publish them in Instagram Stories. Indeed, Instagram Stories only offer a maximum duration of 15 seconds for a video slide, which does not necessarily allow you to share something really meaningful for your brand. Fortunately, you can virtually extend the duration of your Video Stories on iPhone and Android.

Having the ability to share longer videos with your Instagram followers is a must-have option when looking to show your personal side on this biggest platform which can get from  or any trusted source. There are many applications on the market for editing videos, but most of them are very complicated for a simple task. In this article, we will discuss two apps that will help you to easily cut your long videos into segments that perfectly adapt to your Instagram Stories.


1) Crop a Long Video on iPhone

The most used application on iOS to cut a video suitable for Instagram Stories is CutStory. Although a small watermark is present on your videos, the tool is free and removes its logo for less than a dollar.

Once you have opened CutStory, click on the “Video” button. You will be taken to your camera roll, where you can search for the video you want to cut from the “All Photos” folder. Click on a video to select and then click on “Save” to confirm that you wish to use this video. Otherwise, click on “X” at the top left to cancel.

Then, choose the length of the video segments to trim. Instagram limits to 15 seconds per Story, but you could choose less if necessary. CutStory will then cut the video into as many parts as necessary and save them on your smartphone.


2) Trim a long video on Android

The Android equivalent for this task is called Story Cutter by ‘Insocial8’, an application that is also free. Once you open Story Cutter, you will have the option to record a video or choose one from your Camera Roll. If you are recording your own video, click on the red button to start recording and then click on the black square to stop it. It is also possible to pause it.

If, instead of recording at the moment, your video is now ready, choose one from your gallery by clicking on the corresponding button. Then you will need to select the duration of your Story. The free version only allows you to go up to 10 seconds, which is not bad. Click “Select” to confirm the length of the segment, and when the process is complete, the trimmed video will be available in your camera roll.


3) Upload the long cut video

Once you have cut your video, open the Instagram app, and launch the menu for creating a new Story. Then click on the preview image located at the bottom left of your screen to access your phone roll. Then select the first segment of your trimmed video and share it in your Story. Repeat this process as many times as you have videos to upload

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