7 Things You Should Know If You Want To Pursue A Career In Interior Design

Pursuing a career in interior design nowadays is not very difficult, as urban expansion is increasing the demand for interior designers. Having the aesthetic taste for it will certainly help you along the way. But, while interior design requires a great deal of creativity, being able to pick pretty colors and arrange furniture aesthetically is not the only element required for that type of career.

Interior designers, for the most part, are considered engineers because they need to gain knowledge in certain areas to understand different elements, such as human living patterns and movements, measurements and building materials, electrical capacity, and so on. If that is a field you are interested in, then you should take the following 7 points into account.

1- You, Will, Have to Educate Yourself

Establishing a career in interior design is impossible to achieve without proper education. Because interior design requires that you become knowledgeable about a few different fields, the interior design instructors over at explain that you should start your education with programs that explore visual arts and engineering.

Moreover, you can study to get a diploma in interior design. This can be useful, especially if you intend to do interior home designing as well as commercial designs for hotels, restaurants, salons, and the like.  Obtaining an advanced degree in interior design is not a requirement to work in a specialized field, but it can certainly help you in the long run.

2- Interior Designers Are Socially Adept People

Everyone has their unique taste, which applies to the wide range of customers you will have to deal with in the future. Some interior designers often complain about how their past clients have been fussy with their requirements, which can change on a whim. Even if you have agreed on clear goals with your client before you start on your project, they are subject to change.

So to avoid unpleasant experiences, a nimble interior designer should be able to foresee such changes, expect what their clients might like, even if they don’t state it clearly, and even read their minds! They should also be able to mitigate the effects of any undesirable results and balance between what the client wants and the initial plans.

3- It Is an Artistic Profession

While the aptitude for arrangements, colors, and fabrics may not be the only determining factor of a good interior designer, it is still one reason that makes their career successful. A knack for decorating your house and occasionally imagining what can be changed to improve a certain design is what will make you a talented designer eventually. Together with proper education and awareness of the requirements of the market, you can channel your talent in a way that will appeal to clients.

Artistic Profession Interior Design

4- There Will Be Competition

As we’ve mentioned before, interior designers are now more than ever needed in the market, which makes interior designers compete to earn the favor of potential high-caliber clients, creating fierce competition between them.

So, before pursuing a career in interior design, you should be aware of the nature of competition in your area, view the requirements of the market, and create a plan of how you can introduce your unique designs to that specific market. It is also recommended that you communicate with other designers to share ideas and stay aware of design trends in your area.

5- Consider Virtual Designing

You might find a lot of interior designers using this method of doing work due to the Covid-19 lockdown forcing everyone to work from home. You can utilize this as well by working with tools, including room design software like Roomstyler 3D Home Planner, The Home Renovator, or SmartDraw. To encourage this practice, some textile companies offer discounts for virtual designers.

Virtual designers can easily communicate with their clients using popular video conferencing software that allows them to use the screen share feature so they can discuss the details of the project they’re working on and make the changes required by the client.

6- Interior Design Is a Strict Business

Interior design is a strict business where a business-oriented mindset will undoubtedly succeed. In addition to designing and decorating spaces as per your client’s request, you will have to work according to timelines. Establishing clear timelines working within budget restraints, meeting deadlines successfully, and delivering outstanding presentations are all skills that you have to stick to at all times.

7- You Won’t Get Bored

Unless you’re working from home, being an interior designer means that you won’t have to sit at a desk for hours on end trying to finish up a project, but you’ll need to go out to meet your clients, view the work site, meet contractors and architects to make sure that everything goes according to plan. 

Interior design is an exciting field that requires a lot of mobility and creativity on your part so you can deliver satisfactory results to your clients. But, don’t forget that it is not an easy job, especially for those lacking a few years’ worth of experience under their belts. However, once you become adept in your field, your efforts will certainly be rewarded.


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