Putting That Personal Touch on Cremation

For as long as humankind has existed, people have attended to their dead – always doing their best to send them off with dignity, care, and love. It’s no surprise that funeral rituals, rites, and ceremonies have evolved alongside humans; morphing with time to become the services we’re familiar with today. Cremation specifically has changed over time to become a beautiful method to memorialize our loved ones; incorporating their personalities, hobbies, and interests to send them off and provide closure for friends and family.

However, often families don’t have a clear idea of how to personalize a cremation to suit their loved one. Here are some ways you can cultivate the cremation process in a way that gives an insight into the personality of the deceased, allowing feeling more connected to their memory.

Cremation Type

The type of cremation chosen can help ease the pain of grief by offering comfort to the bereaved. Direct cremation, for example, is the process in which the person is cremated soon after death with little to no processing beforehand in the form of embalming, funeral services, memorials, etc. This is great for families on a tight budget who would rather host the memorial services themselves at home after they have their loved one’s cremains.

Cremation with Viewing is when the body is embalmed and prepared for viewing before undergoing cremation. This is to allow friends and family the chance to hold services to commemorate the deceased before they are cremated. Holding services before cremation can provide closure to the family as they would be able to see their loved one restful and at peace.

Choosing The Urn

By far, the most common method of personalizing the cremation experience is choosing the perfect cremation urn. Everything about an urn from its shape, color, size, and even material can be decided on – making a loved one’s final resting place a unique and personal piece.

GetUrns Embrace is created with the utmost care, each urn lovingly painted and coated to protect your loved one. Their shiny and bright colors are created to last, assuring that your loved one will have a permanent place to rest.

The final resting place for your loved one should be the absolute best it can be and stay that way. Take a look at our wide selection of high caliber urns here at for urns that are made with the utmost care and regard for longevity and quality.

Handle the Ashes

The cremation process doesn’t end after the body has been reduced to ashes, there remains what will be done with the cremains. Cremains are portable and relatively lightweight, making travel and storage manageable which opens a whole plethora of possibilities.

Did the deceased have an adventurous streak and explore the option of having their ashes launched into space? Scattered in a garden, buried with a tree? What about cremation jewelry? Pendants, bracelet beads, and earrings all offer the chance to have a handheld memorial to honor a loved one.

While cremation may seem like a one-stop-shop, it’s a method of disposition that is versatile – giving families endless possibilities to honor their loved ones. Hopefully, these options we’ve outlined will spark some ideas for how to customize the cremation process to fully express your love.

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