Quality & Sound Unmatchable: Crescendo Audio Amplifier

The main goal of the audio amplifier is to produce input audio signal at sound providing output with appropriate volume & suitable power levels. In addition to it, it must work efficiently, and at low distortion. Amplifiers must have a good frequency response concerning audio frequencies ranges. Amplifiers have become increasingly popular all these years and they still choose to evolve better and bigger.

The latest additions of features found in the product are with led lighting attached to a controller, and mounting feet that can be able to mount upside it upside down. One must ensure that it can provide sufficient power to drive a loudspeaker. Although, they are typically the most useful & hassle-free element of a sound system. Crescendo audio amplifier is one of the most popular ones on the list. 


Here’s what one must look in an Audio amplifier:

  • Power Output

The power output must be evaluated first and it should roughly be estimated of how loud you wish to pump out the music. If the speaker & the room is bigger, it is ideal to have a high-powered amplifier that serves your purpose. If there is an average listening needs, 10W is enough for the small room to lit up. However, for huge parties, 100W can blow off quickly. That’s what you can expect from crescendo audio capable of generating top-class power output. 


  • Distortion & Noise

THD + N is a measure to consider the quality of the sound output that is affected by the amplifier. More distortion generally results in sound variation and the sound quality gets a little disturbed. However, low the figure of distortion the better results you get. Having a Class D power amplifier will give you a greater advantage. It lowers the power dissipation & produces lesser heat too. This, in turn, saves circuit board space as well as cost. Plus, it gives your battery a portable system with a long-lasting effect. 


  • Cross Talk

The amplifier is like a single box, doing the best to separate box by channels, split different signals to ensure each of it reaches the speakers pretty well. Cross talk holds the capability to measure how much unrequired left signal is merged and mixed with the right output. Crescendo audio amplifier provides a crossover network with a 10 times multiplier switch. 


  •  SNR

Signal to Noise ratio is another important thing to consider. If you stand at an isolated spot, away from the chaos you will hear some sound. These are the sound that is already present in the air, but due to the other noises, we don’t hear it. In an amplifier, there is always a certain noise in the background whizzing inside of it. The goal of a great audio amplifier is to reduce the noise and produce only enough sound that can entertain the audience. It can turn irritating if the noise in the background isn’t controlled well.

Great factors in Audio Class D Amplifier Designing:

Most of the buyer tends to purchase class D amplifier and the reason is because of the strong motivation generated with lower power dissipation.

  • Clean RMS power 
  • LC filter design
  • copper anodized removable top plate. 
  • 8khz high pass/lowpass settings
  • Output-stage protection
  • Sound quality
  • Modulation technique


Time to Pick the Trend:

With so many features inbuilt in the amp, it is intimidating to pick one that can make. One that gives the best quality output and does not has any sound of distortion. There are nowadays huge demand for Custom tooled, Thermal optimized, Multi-piece as well as, a heatsink with patent-pending interlocking slide-out.

Not just that, users now want Overbuilt Power supply, as well as extreme vibration resistance audio amplifiers. With the advance in technology and the need of the customers, there are more and more updates happening which have created the urge to listen to clean and clear sound.


Where to buy?

No one wants to buy low quality, Crescendo audio amplifier. The features mentioned above are to must to have, to get your hands on the latest quality, highly amazing. Enjoying at a party with low sound doesn’t make sense at all. Plus, a buzzing noise can ruin your mood turn your sound experience unacceptable. Thus, it is best to only rely on a reliable platform that offers exceptional quality, custom build, newest edition, thermal optimized Heatsink & Concerto class of amplifiers.

Down4soundshop offers best in class, latest and most amazing one in the store that offers great sound, LED lighting, mechanically refurbished flawlessly designed amplifier. This, in turn, will unleash the madness, add a spark in the party & make the sound go amazing as it is being built with the highest quality and most reliable electrical components. Grab exclusive offers & rates that will blow your mind.

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