Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Lawyer for a Workplace Injury Lawsuit

Every year, millions of workers are harmed at workplaces, out of which some accidents lead to severe injuries and death. Workers who face such accidents at the workplace are lawfully entitled to compensation for the damages.

However, in South Dakota and other states, the workers’ compensation law comes with many complexities and fine prints. Only if you call Alvine Weidenaar and talk to a resourceful lawyer will you be able to build a strong case and win the rightful claim.

But choosing a reliable lawyer does not come easy. Before hiring a lawyer to handle your workplace injury lawsuit, ask these questions to check how resourceful they are at handling such cases.

Which Lawyer Will Be Working On Your Case?

When you set up a meeting with a lawyer to discuss the workplace injury lawsuit, it is only natural to assume that they will be the one to handle the case. But, sometimes, this may not be the case.

Law firms generally have different lawyers working together to handle diverse caseloads. But, when it comes to lawsuits, a few lawyers will be better than the others. And the only way to win is by choosing an experienced associate to handle your case.

So, ask who will be your point of contact, handle your queries about the case, and whether the assigned associate is an experienced one.

How Long Have You Been Handling Workplace Injury Cases?

Knowing how long a lawyer has been handling a specialization, you can get an idea of how much hands-on experience they have in winning working place injury cases.

Ask the lawyer about workplace injury lawsuits and workers’ compensation in South Dakota. If the lawyer is experienced, they will give you the details about South Dakota’s Worker Compensation program. If not, then perhaps you may have to start looking for different lawyers.

And, the same applies to all states. Be it a straightforward lawsuit or a complex claim, call Alvine Weidenaar, one of South Dakota’s reputed personal injury law firms, and talk to a lawyer specializing in workplace injury cases right away.

How Good Is Your Success Rate?

A lawyer’s success rate acts as a benchmark for how well they can help you with the lawsuit. Generally, the success rate represents the number of successfully paid claims over the number of cases represented.

If the lawyer’s success rate is higher, then it is all well and good. So, pick an attorney who practices transparency and is open about the number of workplace injury lawsuits handled and the success rates.

How Will They Handle It If You Were At Fault For The Injury?

When it comes to work injury, it usually will not matter if you were at fault. Even if you were neglectful and at fault, there are still ways to claim workers’ compensation, especially in South Dakota.

However, if you were intoxicated during the incident, there are higher chances of your claim getting denied. So, whatever the case might be, to understand the intricacies of workplace injury law in different states, you must call Alvine Weidenaar and talk to an attorney to understand the complexity of your case.

In the end, you must pick a lawyer who makes you feel comfortable and at ease. So, use these questions to check if the lawyer fits the bill. If yes, move forward with the casework with the lawyer without any delay.

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