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Questions to Ask For Determining the Right Car Shipping Cost

Car shipping or car transport services give you the option to move your vehicle across long distances. If you are shifting from your current location, apart from all your other belongings, you must also make sure that your car reaches the new location.

While you easily take a flight or a train, what about your car? You might not want to drive a long distance, or even if you do, the road might not be suitable enough for driving. There are several car shipping companies nowadays. But how do you determine the right car shipping cost?

A car shipping company will take the responsibility for moving your car or any other vehicle you own. Here are some questions you may ask to determine how much you should be paying.

Does the Transport Company Offer Open Transport Or Closed Transport?

With open transport, your vehicle will be placed on an open trailer, with several other cars. The car will have no protection from pollution or elements of weather. However, this is more economical in the case of short-distance transportation.

Closed transportation will make sure that your vehicle is placed in a container. And it will remain practically unscathed. This is best for long distances because you do not want to end up with a damaged car once it reaches you.

The car shipping cost will vary accordingly. But the closed transport costs about 30% to 40% more than an open carrier learn how to estimate them here.

Will The Cost Include Insurance Coverage?

Some transport companies will ask you to buy insurance to cover any car damage en route to the final destination. However, some transporters will go the extra mile and take care of insurance for you. You can pay more for such services after you have made sure which aspects the insurance will cover.

Which Parameters Will Be Considered While Determining the Shipping Cost?

Ask the shipping company about the factors they take into consideration while fixing the cost. Usually, the car’s size and weight, distance, vehicle condition, and location are the key factors while transporting a vehicle.

For example, suppose a vehicle is inoperable and cannot be driven. In that case, the car owner must pay extra charges to cover for the vehicle to be moved manually or by other means.

Ask about the per-mile charges.

Ask the service providers what happens if they fail to deliver your car at the appointed date and time.

Will the Shipping Company Pick up and Drop the Car From and To Your Location?

Ask the car shipping company if they will pick up the car from your location. This is a huge plus for those who are located away from the city center. However, with some shipping companies, you have to deliver a car to a designated spot, like the shipping company’s garage or office.

In the same way, ask them if you have to pick up your car from their office, or if they will deliver the car right to your doorstep at the destination. The rates will vary accordingly.

After you have taken these factors into account, you can determine the right car shipping cost. Based on these questions, you can compare the rates between various car shipping companies and choose one that gives you the best services.

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