Real Estate App: Custom vs Ready-to-use Mobile Solution

Mobile traffic has left desktop activity far behind. The number of users who access the Internet exclusively from gadgets is growing fast. They use smartphones not only for communication purposes but also for shopping, and finding the required services and information. These trends made it clear that mobile devices as a sales channel can no longer be ignored. Real estate companies joined other businesses that implemented a mobile app for a wider audience reach and service improvement.

Most companies today have mobile apps. However, development from scratch is traditionally very expensive and time-consuming. Another more versatile and convenient option exists as having a ready-to-use Real Estate mobile solution that can be connected to almost any real estate company in the shortest possible time. Let’s see what’s the difference between custom app development and a ready-to-use mobile solution.

Development of a custom app

Development of a custom app

The creation of a custom mobile app for Real Estate companies is a rather complicated and expensive process that not all companies can afford. Application development is justified in the case you are confident that your application will be regularly used. If you run a small real estate office, then it is not a recommended option. The cost of developing, maintaining, and updating the application should pay off the benefits obtained, that is, you must understand the profitability of the project.

The app development costs are divided into direct and additional ones. Direct costs include the features of the application, individual design, the platforms on which the service will run, as well as the server-side and administration capabilities.

Other costs include testing the application and debugging it, publishing the application in stores, and maintaining and developing it. If the customer only needs to develop a service, these costs do not affect the cost. But most often the customer wants further support for the software.

So when you buy a mobile app for Real Estate, you should take into account that you pay for the full cycle of the following stages:

  • analytics;
  • technical task;
  • engineering and design;
  • development;
  • testing and deployment;
  • publication in stores;
  • support and upgrade.

You will need to pay for the time required for each stage to build a mobile app for real estate.

What is a ready-to-use mobile app?

ready-to-use mobile app

Real estate agencies need to increase the number of requests and maintain a high level of communication with potential clients. So, they can get in touch with a software development company, which has deep expertise in developing mobile apps for various businesses and deeply studied the main features of the application real estate business needs. This approach allows the customer to get a mobile solution at a much more attractive price as there is no need to compensate the individual development.

The app will give your business competitive advantages:

  • It shortens the process of selecting a property object for a client due to the built-in catalog;
  • It shows the object’s location on the map to make it easier to find;
  • A full description of each object, including photos, dimensions, and infrastructure details.
  • Video tour and live tour features;
  • Fast handling of the requests for the purchase, rent, and inspection of real estate objects;
  • Improved communication via live chat;
  • Analytical data on the activity of the staff and clients;
  • Embedded Mortgage Calculator.

With such an innovative product, you will easily implement the main idea of the real estate service – to provide clients with information in the “here-and-now” mode. The package includes an app compatible with iOS and Android, separate portals for the owners, agents, and clients, app customization, further maintenance, and support.

If you do not have the budget to build a custom mobile app, then it is worth considering buying a ready-to-use Real Estate mobile solution and customizing it to your needs.

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