Real Estate Marketing Ideas & Trends That Will Dominate

Experts from a wide range of industries have written off 2020, and the real estate industry is no exception. While 2020 has been a hectic year, 2021 is showing signs of progress and recovery.

As the year of innovation, 2021 is set to bring some exciting new real estate marketing ideas and trends. We’re seeing the increased implementation of technology in the day-to-day operations as well as the application of new tools and tactics. To help you stay on top of your real estate game, we’re listing five trends that will dominate 2021.

Boost your online presence with multiple platforms

One of the real estate marketing ideas and trends that will dominate 2021 is the use of multiple marketing tools to boost your online presence. The idea is to make your customers and clients feel as if you’re present everywhere they turn.

At one point or another, they will want to make a real estate decision. When that moment comes, you’ll be the first one they’ll think of. To achieve that, you want to rely on all three marketing mediums – email, direct mail, and social media marketing. By reaching out to your target audience through several advertising mediums, you’ll draw their attention effectively and eventually increase sales.

Submit magazine and newspaper articles to promote your expertise

Having a go-to person to rely on is important in every industry and real estate is no exception. To become a community expert, consider working with local newspapers and magazines. You can create a real estate column where you’ll promote your expertise every month.

To do it successfully, you’ll need to make sure that your content is relevant. For instance, you can write about COVID-19 and its impact on U.S. home prices. Agents from North Carolina can submit articles about the Raleigh housing market and offer tips on how NC buyers can cope given the COVID-19 situation there.

In addition to staying relevant, you should also do your best to highlight your ‘micro’ community. Submit articles regularly, and always share them on your social media platforms after they’re published.

Market your listings by selling a lifestyle

Market your listings by selling a lifestyle

As a real estate agent, you’re not just selling a house – you’re selling a lifestyle, and the way you market your listings needs to reflect that. Think about the area where the listing is and try to market the full picture. This will include highlighting any amenities such as gyms and coffee shops to present the overall feel of the place.

Most importantly, your content needs to be purposeful. The idea is to make potential homebuyers imagine what their daily life would be if they lived there. To grab their attention, consider creating a video. Keep it short and make sure that it conveys emotion as this will help boost the chances of buyers falling in love with the property.

Take advantage of virtual tours

Speaking of giving your clients a chance to connect with the property, offering virtual tours is the next big thing. Versatile and interactive by design, virtual tours are great at giving potential customers room for independent exploration. They have the freedom to explore the digital environment you created whenever that’s convenient for them. It’s like a permanent version of the open house, except it’s available around the clock.

Because of this sense of autonomy, clients will also get an instant sense of ownership while touring the virtual property. By relying on these effective digital marketing materials, realtors can increase the chances of their clients finalizing the deal IRL.

Rely on influencer collaborations to increase social engagement

Given how we live in a digital era, real estate agents need to find a way to boost social engagement. For years, companies have relied on celebrities to market their products and services, but now, it’s all about influencer marketing. Think about it – by collaborating with an influencer, you’ll be reaching out to thousands and even millions of their followers. By having them get your name out there, you’ll be boosting your brand awareness efforts and increasing social engagement.

To boost engagement even further, create engaging content on your social media platforms such as Instagram. Create IG stories centered around everything from questions and polls to contests and giveaways. The more engagement opportunities you offer, the better your clients will remember you.

Wrapping up

Using innovative tools and tactics is key to staying afloat in any industry in 2021. This is especially true when it comes to real estate, which happens to be one of the most competitive ones.

By staying on top of the latest real estate marketing ideas and trends, real estate professionals can adapt their strategies to fit the emerging trends and take their real estate game to the next level.

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