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Reasons Why Most People Prefer Electric Cars Over Gasoline Cars

Electric Cars are not a new concept for people to consider, they have been there since the 1850s. In fact, in the 1900s most people preferred electric autos over gasoline-powered vehicles. It was at the beginning of the 20th century that the popularity of electric automobiles was burgeoning, as gasoline was expensive. Manufacturing a gasoline-powered automotive was very tedious, as there was no switch to ignite the engine. In those days, a rod was fitted in the front of the automotive that had to turn around to get the vehicle started.

Back then, the gasoline-powered automobiles were not only tiresome to run, but they also emitted a lot of smoke and were quite noisy. Surprisingly, these electric cars were at one point in time so liked by people, that there were approximately fifty thousand electric cars running on the roads of the USA.


As new discoveries made gasoline less expensive, electric autos began vanishing from the market. The invention of the electronic combustion engine paved the way for the exit of the electric automotive. The gasoline-powered vehicles could travel a lot more length than electric cars. Thus, autos running on gasoline started acquiring more popularity than electric coupés.

Now, with the consciousness towards safeguarding the environment and minimizing the threats induced by the emission of automobiles, electrical cars are yet again gaining immense popularity. Gasoline is not required to run an electric vehicle, as it runs on electricity that is stored in batteries in the vehicle. There might be ten, twelve or more batteries required to run an electric car. The operation of an electric-powered vehicle is comparable to that of a remote-controlled car as every electric auto comes with batteries that run an electric motor to turn the wheels.


Charging the batteries is quite simple, and it can be carried out overnight. Some models need to be plugged into the electric walls. Automobile manufacturers and researchers are making continuous attempts to make much better automobiles that can be more eco-friendly. The revival of electric autos and the efforts to make them much more attractive is enticing people to switch over to electric automobiles.

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