Reasons to Choose New Home Construction

Insights from the real estate industry show shoppers are increasingly choosing new home construction over resale houses. Most buyers preferred newly built homes because they thought these houses had more to offer.

Although several of these buyers also felt that new home construction was costlier than a resale home and, therefore, beyond their reach.

But is this true? Are new home constructions more expensive than resale homes? And are the benefits of buying a new house versus an existing one real or imagined? In this post, CFL Property Management examines why home buyers may be better off choosing a new home construction than a resale home. We also address the issue of the perceived higher cost of buying a newly built home compared to a pre-existing one.

Why should you choose a new home construction?

1. Better floor plans

Better floor plans

Today’s home buyers are more concerned about the size and layout of their homes than older generations of homeowners. This is why some older homes can be up to 1000 sq. ft. smaller than an average new home.

In addition to being smaller, these older homes also make less efficient use of floor and storage space. On the other hand, new homes are better designed with open floor plans, more spacious kitchens, and closets. By buying a newly built home, homeowners can spare themselves the trouble of trying to improve on the space constraints of a pre-existing home.

2. Up-to-date features

The design and technological trends that dominate the building industry are constantly changing. Newer methods of building and better construction materials are constantly being developed. And the way homes are designed is constantly improving.

This is why homes can quickly become outdated. A new home construction lets home buyers leap-frog outdated design trends and older construction materials. It does not make sense for buyers to saddle themselves with old technology that they would soon have to update. Why not just buy a new home?

3. More room for customization

More room for customization

Home buyers who choose new construction homes can adjust how the house is built. They can pick the type of floors, cabinets, lighting, and paint they want, among other things.

Even though these alterations usually cost more, the buyer saves money in the long run. This is because the cost of modifying a home’s design during construction is lower than the cost of modifying it after construction. Ultimately, the buyer spends less altering the design of a new home construction than they would spend renovating an existing home.

4. Lower maintenance costs

Just by being new and fresh, a new home needs less maintenance than an old one. Regardless of how well-looked-after a resale home is, there will always be something for buyers to repair or replace.

This is because many of the old home’s components will be nearing the end of their useful life. But with a new home, this is fine since all its components are at the beginning of their useful life. For several years after they move in, people who buy a new home can live in it without spending a lot to maintain its structures and systems.

5. Energy efficiency and eco-friendliness

Energy efficiency and eco friendliness

From the get-go, new construction homes have lower energy bills; they are more energy-efficient and eco-friendly. This is because the home is built to the requirements of the most current building codes for energy efficiency.

New construction homes utilize new construction materials and the most contemporary building practices. As a consequence, they have fewer energy-loss issues that plague older homes. The home’s insulation is super-efficient, and its HVAC systems work optimally. Newer homes are often 30% more energy-efficient than five years older homes. The houses are also eco-friendly, designed to use less water.

6. The protection of a new home warranty

Home buyers who choose a new home have peace of mind because they also get the builder’s warranty. They know that if anything goes wrong with their new home during the warranty period, the builder will bear the cost of repair or replacement.

Buyers can only ever get this when they buy a pre-existing home. Purchasing an older home is fraught with risks. But when homebuyers choose a new home construction, that risk is eliminated by the builder’s warranty.

7. New homes cost less per square feet

New homes cost less per square feet

New home constructions are cheaper. They appear costlier because they are usually listed for a higher sales price than old homes. And why this happens is because new homes have more square footage than older ones.

The new homes cost less, per square foot, than older homes. But this fact is often obscured by the larger floor area of the new home. Looking at the listed price of a new home versus that of a pre-existing home is misleading. To truly compare the cost of both houses, their total floor space should be considered.

In reality, there is no valid reason to choose a resale home over a new home construction. New homes are move-in ready and usually built in safer communities with modern amenities. Buying a new home makes more sense overall.

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