Reasons to Have Your Apartment Tile & Grout Professionally Cleaned

In almost every home, school, or office, you are bound to find tiles in at least one room on the premises. Tiles are popular because they are extremely durable and perform well in high traffic areas.

Additionally, because they come in a variety of designs, they can improve the appearance of an area. Moreover, tiles are low maintenance and do not need constant care.

This does not mean that tiles are carefree because tiles do need care. But due to their durability, American Dream Realty, property management in Harford County says, most homeowners rarely pay proper attention to their tiles until they are irreparably damaged.

As tiles are constantly exposed to spills and friction, they are susceptible to wear and tear. They can also breed disease-causing germs and lose their sheen over time.

To maintain their beauty and quality, as well as protect the health of humans and pets that come into contact with the surfaces, tiles need to be cleaned regularly.

Regular cleaning of your tiles and grout will do these for you:

Regular cleaning of your tiles and grout

– The floors last longer

Two things that cause materials and surfaces in the home to deteriorate faster than they should are ingrained dirt and bacteria.

Ingrained dirt grinds away the surface coating of tiles and provides the perfect setting for bacteria. Bacteria release chemicals that weaken and break down the materials in tiles and grout. Regular cleaning will help get rid of ingrained dirt and bacteria.

– Floors look more beautiful

Clean or dirty floors reflect on everything inside the home. If the floor is dirty, it will cast a shadow on everything and the whole area will look less appealing.

But if the floor is sparkling clean, it brightens the room and draws attention away from its less attractive aspects. Cleaning tiles and grout regularly can help you delay expensive tile upgrades.

– Keep the home sanitary

The grimy surfaces of unwashed tiles and the pores in the tile grout are lurking places for diseases. And it is almost inevitable that our hands and feet will come into contact with these tiled surfaces.

Keeping tiles and grout clean is particularly important if there are crawling babies and toddlers in the home, or anyone who suffers from allergies, asthma, or respiratory illness.

How often should you have your tiles and grout cleaned?

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It depends on the ages and health of the people living in the home. The recommended frequency for cleaning tiles and grout is once a year. Professional cleaning once a year and regular cleaning in-between are usually enough.

But if there are small children and pets in the home or people with allergies, asthma, or respiratory issues, then aim for twice a year.

How should you clean your tiles and grout?

How you clean tiles and grout also matters. Routine washing of tiled surfaces is not enough to remove the film of dirt that accumulates over years of use. And it does not penetrate grout surfaces to eliminate bacteria that have taken up residence within them.

Tiles and grout can look clean to the eye and still yield a rich harvest of dirt and germs. This is why it is best to have a professional clean the tile.

The benefits of having a professional clean your tiles and grout

1. They use the right equipment

They use the right equipment

Detergents and mop water can worsen the stains on tile grout. That is because grout is a very porous material and some of the detergent and water will end up getting absorbed by it.

Professional cleaners anticipate this problem and have cleaning solutions, equipment, and, techniques to deal with it.

Professionals use cleaners that won’t be absorbed by grout. They use high-powered vacuums to loosen and remove embedded dirt from tiles and grout. They also use power brushes to clean dirt from grout lines and tile surfaces.

2. They won’t damage the tiles

Regular cleaning can damage tile surfaces or grout through hard scrubbing and the use of abrasive chemicals. This is one reason why homeowners who clean their tiles themselves are often disappointed with the lackluster results they achieve.

They accidentally strip away the surface coating of the tiles in a bid to clean them.

Professional cleaning does not do this. Professionals use cleaning solutions that do not damage tile surfaces and they reapply the grout sealant which usually wears out over time.

Resealing grout keeps bacteria and other contaminants out and this prolongs the life of both grout and tiles.

3. Saves homeowners from wasting their time

Saves homeowners from wasting their time

Cleaning tile and grout is hard work. You may have to spend hours on your hands and knees scrubbing. The problem is, no amount of scrubbing can remove dirt or germs if they are buried deep inside grout lines.

The most your effort will do is damage the grout further.

Hiring a professional to clean your tiles and grout will save you from wasting your time. A professional will deliver a higher quality cleaning within a shorter span of time. And your family and pets will be safer for it.

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