Reasons to Travel Europe This Christmas

It’s nearly that time of year again. Yes, Christmas isn’t that far away, and after almost two years of living through a pandemic, many people have itchy feet to get away for this year’s festive season.

Where some people love the idea of spending Christmas at home, cozied up with family enjoying all the usual traditions, others can’t think of anything better than jetting off on a plane!

Europe is a fantastic destination to explore this Christmas, but there are still concerns about traveling given the impacts of Covid-19 and Brexit. If you still have some concerns over traveling, having a global health insurance card (GHIC) allows all UK citizens to access state-funded health services provided by the European Union countries.

You can do the GHIC application process online, so remember to make this part of your travel prep before traveling this festive season.

If you’re a Christmas jet-setter, this article will round up the best reasons to persuade the family to travel to Europe this Christmas. Then all that’s left is to decide where to go.

Change of Scenery

One of the most obvious reasons to travel to Europe at Christmas would be for a change in scenery. After almost two years of living through a pandemic, there are sure to be many of us feeling bored with our surroundings.

You could immerse yourself in some of the finest music and art scenes with a visit to either Amsterdam, Vienna, or Rome. Perhaps the thought of enjoying delicious cuisines, rich history, and Europe’s grand architecture covered in snow is more appealing for you at this time of year.

Or why not take the family to Germany for some of the world’s most traditional Christmas Markets or head to the Alps for some adventurous skiing?

Take A Break & Relax

For many of us, Christmas can be quite a stressful time of year, bearing in mind everything that needs organizing ahead of the big day and the amount of money spent. The to-do lists are never-ending. Taking yourself away for Christmas will take away the worries of cooking, hosting, cleaning, and the inevitable family dramas.

Instead, you could book into one of Norway’s famous log cabins and sink yourself into a relaxing outdoor hot tub with a glass of mulled wine, enjoying views of the Northern lights.

New Experiences & Exploring New Cultures

One of the main reasons to travel to Europe, let alone at Christmas, is the opportunity to experience and explore new cultures. The opportunity to learn something new should never be missed. It’s easy to get caught up in the mundane routine of work, so booking a trip to Europe this Christmas will be a great way to rejuvenate your imagination and refresh your batteries.

Give Memories Instead of Gifts

The amount of money we spend at Christmas is mind-blowing. As a country, it’s said the UK spends over 24 BILLION on Christmas gifts. Instead, why not spend the money on a fantastic trip away, allowing you to make new memories and spend quality time with loved ones?

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