Reasons to Use Computer Bags for Promotional Purposes and Types Available

Although companies use various marketing strategies, one that is highly effective is promotional advertising. It aims to draw the audience’s attention towards the company or brand through cashback promotions, free samples, lifestyle discounts, buy-one-get-one-free samples, and other strategies.

A particularly effective advertising strategy is distributing promotional products. People love receiving these not just because they receive them free of cost but also because they are handy. They last long, and customers recall your company or brand every time they use them.

Although you can choose from various products, including glassware, merchandise, clothing, health and beauty, and sports items, you should consider choosing computer bags. A significant percentage of the population uses laptops in their daily lives and requires bags in which to store them.

But there are other reasons behind distributing this product. Continue reading to find out what the others are and what types of bags you can distribute among the people.

What makes computer bags a good option?

Used by a lot of people

Computer bags are an excellent choice for a promotional product because many people use them. Statistics show that the sales of laptops and tablets continue to grow yearly, increasing the demand for laptop bags.

They are usually expensive

Most computer bags that you find in the market have expensive price tags attached to them. Naturally, receiving one free of cost during a product launch, business conference, trade fair, through social media, reward programs, etc., makes them appreciate you greatly.

They have a lot of space

Laptop bags are moderate to large, depending on the model. Since its body has a lot of space, it allows you to display your company’s brand, logo, or design creatively and effectively. You can also add a phone number or contact information, enabling the recipient to contact you in the future if they want.

Offers maximum visibility

Further, branded computer bags offer the benefit of maximum visibility. Having your brand’s name printed on the front allows maximum visibility since your company’s logo is the first thing that meets their eyes.


Computer bags are long-lasting. Usually made of leather and polyester, they last for a long time, are incredibly lightweight, and are waterproof.

Types of laptop bags

You can order custom-branded bags from a product supplier dealing with promotional products.


Many people prefer carrying their laptops on their backs rather than hanging them from their shoulders, and backpacks are meant precisely for them. Besides storing the computer, they contain a compartment for additional items and accessories.

Shoulder bags

These are excellent for users who find it comfortable to carry their laptops on their shoulders. These have simple yet elegant designs, are made with polyester, and contain an internal notebook space with extra padding.

Trolley case

Trolly cases work well for people who travel frequently but don’t like carrying their laptops. They have a trolley case attached to their main body with wheels underneath, letting you move it around without applying extra effort. Shoulder straps are also connected to these cases if someone uses those instead of the wheels.

Ladies bags

You can choose ladies’ bags for advertising your brand or logo. It is an excellent way of marketing your business to women who are frequent users of laptops. These consist of internal and outer zipped pockets, leather trims, and finishings of matte silver. These are lighter and can be hung around the shoulders or held by the hands.

These are some reasons behind choosing computer bags as a promotional product and some types you can choose to advertise your brand. They are lightweight, very useful, waterproof, and allow you to advertise your brand effectively. branded computer bags

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