5 Reasons Why Your Doctor May Recommend a CT Scan

Your doctor won’t always be able to diagnose you through a general checkup. Some injuries are hidden and need to be properly diagnosed. Thanks to medical advancements, doctors today have numerous means of technology at their disposal to assist with providing better medical care. One such technology is the CT scan.

A CT scan uses multiple x-ray beams to provide doctors with an in-depth image of the internal body. It gives them the image of not just the bones but also the tissues around them. Here are the reasons why you would need a CT scan:

To analyze soft tissue damage

A CT scan is far more in-depth than an x-ray because it takes images at multiple angles providing doctors with a clear picture of the internal body. It gives them the chance to detect any soft tissue damage which they can’t detect with tapping or just touching the injured area. 

When MRI is not an option

For some individuals, MRI may not be an option. MRI requires patients to stay as still as possible in a machine. Those with claustrophobia will have difficulty in doing this since the machine has a small enclosure you go into and may feel like you are trapped inside. That is not the case with the CT scan. Plus, relatively, the two machines provide similar results, but the MRI is more detailed.

As a guide during surgery

Doctors have used CT scans for assistance in biopsies. CT scans don’t just confirm the presence of a tumor but help identify its location and size. This gives surgeons guidance and lets them plan how to approach the surgery effectively to ensure they get to the tumor. 

To check for injuries after an accident

It is very common for the eyes to miss out on injuries after an accident. Internal bleeding and injuries aren’t easily noticeable. CT scans are used by doctors as a quick solution to analyze the bones and tissues looking for internal injuries. With accidents, you need to be as quick as possible because internal bleeding can result in death if not treated as soon as possible. 

For diagnoses purposes in general

CT scans are one of the most commonly used tools for diagnoses. It can help doctors detect numerous life-threatening problems such as skeletal diseases, bone fractures, tumors, internal injuries, and bleeding. The machine has become one of the most useful diagnosing tools for doctors allowing them to get a comprehensive look inside their patient’s bodies

CT scans are a safe way for doctors to provide better care for their patients. There is a concern that it exposes patients to radiation but the amount isn’t really a cause of concern. However, it is advised that children and pregnant women opt for MRI over CT scans. While the level of the x-ray isn’t deadly, it can be harmful to the fetus in pregnant women and to children in general. Be sure to consult your doctor before opting for a CT scan. 

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