Reasons Why You Keep Losing Good Physicians Working for a Hospital

Hiring quality doctors is challenging considering the high demand and low supply. Several hospitals all over the US are doing their best to convince these physicians to work for them. Add to that the number of doctors who decide to have their own clinic. Therefore, if you’re running a hospital and you have some of the best doctors working with you, it’s crucial that you retain them. Understanding the reasons why some of them would want to leave could help you keep them in your team.

Good Physicians Working

Low salary

Studying medicine doesn’t only take time, but a lot of money. Physicians decided to take that path anyway not only because of their passion but of the hope that they could eventually earn what they spent. Therefore, working for a hospital that doesn’t compensate well will most likely turn them off. It might be okay for those who recently started their profession, but they could leave if they pay stays the same after a while.

Poor working environment

No one wants to work in a place that doesn’t have enough equipment or tools to conduct their duties. Physicians want to save people’s lives, but they also need the hospital to provide them with what they need. If they fail to help others, their reputation or even license could be on the line. As such, you also have to invest in quality equipment and overall improvement of the hospital.

Exhausting working hours

Dealing with different patients could be exhausting. Doctors also need to ensure that they get things right. If they aren’t in their best physical shape, it could impact their work. Therefore, it’s important for them to receive a reasonable number of working hours. Asking them to work beyond what they are capable of could lead to potential disasters. It usually happens in understaffed hospitals. It might be difficult for you to find physicians to fill the role, but you need to do it.

Unnecessary duties

Doctors didn’t study for several years to become secretaries who deal with tons of paperwork. Asking them to do all the records and ensure everything is in order will most likely frustrate them. You need to hire people who could help the physicians in dealing with the records.

Work environment

No one wants a work environment that makes a hospital an even more difficult place to work in. You also have to be more flexible with working hours. Remove the culture of gossip, shaming and spreading of lies. You want physicians to focus on their job, and they shouldn’t get sidetracked by these issues.

It takes a lot to convince physicians to work in a hospital that you run. As such, it might be in your best interest to hire a physician recruiter. You need someone who will help you screen the choices or even advertise job openings in the first place. Even if you have a strong HR team, it doesn’t match the services offered by recruiters.

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