Five Great Reasons Why You Should Add Roller Blinds in Your Office

Tired of washing and managing heavy curtains? They do not give your room the desired style. The wide variety that roller blinds offer gives you the option of choosing adequate roller blinds for your office according to the furniture and theme of the rooms and cabins.

There is a far better option available than heavy curtains, and that is Empire Window Furnishings roller blinds. These blinds not only look good in your house but are also a great choice for your office.

Here are five reasons you should add roller blinds in your office

1. Shading and summer heat protection

Roller blinds offer adjustable shading in summer, and as they are installed outside the windows, they effectively reduce the heating coming inside the rooms. Variable light slots still provide pleasant room lighting.

Roller blinds prevent the fading of furniture, pictures, and curtains, and the damage of floor coverings, clothes, and covers, etc. by sunlight. In air-conditioned rooms, roller blinds account for considerable energy savings by summer heat protection. Closed roller blinds reduce heat loss through windows by up to 46%.

Closed roller blinds form an air layer in front of the windows, which acts as an additional insulation layer under the following conditions:

Although high thermal insulation of the windows can also be achieved through multiple glazing, mirroring, etc., the desired solar heating effect during the day from outside to inside can be significantly reduced. The right decision is therefore to install relatively inexpensive insulating windows (provided that the soundproofing and thermal insulation requirements are met) and to add roller blinds.

The energy savings achieved also reduce the pollutant emissions of the heating systems. Insufficiently insulated roller blind frames must not negate this environmentally important advantage of roller blinds. Good roller blinds offer optimal thermal insulation and enable the use of roller blinds as thermal insulation elements for offices.

2. Security

Closed roller blinds increase security. Offices need roller blinds often when having a meeting.

There are also a variety of inexpensive, effective roller blind locks and locking devices. Particularly robust and even bulletproof roller blinds are available for security-sensitive objects.

Roller blinds provide increased security for the offices. They act as an additional barrier in the event of an intrusion attempt. It is entirely possible to opt for ultra-secure models, fitted with bolts and reinforced to avoid any desire for recovery or destruction.

If you are looking for total darkness and complete privacy in the office, roller blinds are the solution. Once installed, your office is completely sealed against prying eyes.

3. A varying range of materials

The wide range of materials while choosing the blinds is a big plus. The different color tones, fabrics, combinations, and materials give each room a different feel. Living rooms can be cool pastels; lounges can be wooden and green, giving an exotic feel to your space.

To decorate a room with a home theatre, give preference to thicker and darker curtains that will create the right atmosphere even during the day.

  • The canvas consists of thin wooden slats that adapt well to most styles. The canvas is also ideal for the interior decoration of conference rooms and offices. The advantages of this material are that it gives natural wood texture and resistance to fading and moisture.
  • Bamboo slat fabric differs in ease and durability, aesthetic appearance, and practicality. Suitable for modern interiors and interior decoration in oriental style.
  • Translucent materials disperse bright rays, making the natural lighting of the room comfortable.
  • Blackout materials completely block a stream of light. Such curtains will help create an ideal dark environment regardless of the time of day. They are also very useful for home theatres.

4. Better sound insulation

The insulating role of roller blinds does not stop there since they form a sound barrier by isolating windows from the outside and their noises. If you do not want to be disturbed by the sounds of the street or the environment, you can close your blinds, and you will find that these are greatly reduced.

In a survey, almost 75% of those surveyed said that they were significantly annoyed by noise, especially traffic noise. This makes effective insulation of the sound passage in the building all the more important. Tightly closing roller blinds significantly decreases the sound nuisance, which greatly reduces the productivity of employees in your office.

The soundproofing of windows is only improved if the distance between the roller blinds and the glass is> 5 cm. At 10 to 12 cm it can be up to 10 dB (half as loud).

Soundproof windows are complex and expensive in order actually to achieve sound insulation improvement through roller blinds. When the roller blinds are closed, the roller blinds’ end rods must sit tightly on the windowsill.

High-quality roller blind frames with good sound insulation are also a prerequisite.

5. Comfort

Roller blinds have the advantage of allowing the blinds to be opened and closed without having to open the windows. It is, therefore, a real comfort in everyday life, especially when it is cold, too hot, when it rains, etc. The manual opening and closing require effort, but the motorized roller blinds can be installed without effort, which is a really practical and time-saving solution for offices.

Roller blinds have the advantage of adapting to all windows, which is not always the case with curtains. You just have to choose the right manufacturing material depending on the size of the window.

If traditional curtains have long been favored for their aesthetic appearance on the facade, the new models of roller blinds are now designed to be classier and adaptable to all window types.

An added advantage is their easy installation if you want to change your installed blinds. Much more discreet, they are more decorative and give your office a fresh and lively look while maintaining the professional environment in your office.


There is a wide range of roller blinds, which is a great advantage for all budgets. You will not have to pay a lot of money to install roller blinds in your office as they are not very expensive.

Blinds do not go out of style; they are always among the first options people choose because they provide privacy, control over the amount of lighting you want, and of course always act as an important element of interior decoration. The wooden blinds give a natural and exotic feel and are soothing to the mind. A fresh print roller blind can give a nice view to your employees to increase their productivity.

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