Reasons Why Should Seniors Embrace the Internet

While some seniors might feel that they do not need to adapt to the latest tech trends, the truth is that it is very important and beneficial for them to embrace innovation in this field and become tech-savvy.

Thankfully, more and more seniors are realizing this fact and changing their opinion. This is perhaps the reason why we are seeing a significant increase in internet usage among them. In fact, around 43% of people aged 65 or above are actively using social networks.

The increase in internet adoption among seniors is a good thing, as it can provide them with various health-related advantages, such as finding more information about their health condition or finding online support groups which can help to ease the pain.

If you, as a senior, feel reluctant to use the internet, you should check out the infographic below created by MedAlertHelp and see how it can improve the overall quality of your life. Here are some of the most significant points.

Independence and a Sense of Fulfilment

According to the American Association of Retired Persons, seniors who keep themselves updated with the latest internet technology are more positive in their approach to life.

They show a higher level of personal fulfillment as they can now continue working with the help of the Internet even after retirement. There are various organizations looking for individuals with rich working experience, and this is a rare opportunity where age actually becomes an advantage.

They no more need to work 9-to-5, but at the time of their choice from the comfort of their home.

Social Connectivity

Many seniors feel that they have been disconnected from the outer world, mainly because of their health issues. This is yet another area where the internet can help them stay connected with friends, family, and relatives through social media.

Seniors can now talk face to face with others through video calling. This helps them feel less lonely, and they tend to lead their lives more happily.

That said, technology has definitely improved the standard of living for the elderly. Realizing this, more and more of them are getting online. Research has shown that 70% of internet users aged 65 or above use it on a daily basis.

To find out more about how and why seniors love to use the internet, check out the infographic below.

why seniors love to use the internet

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