Reasons Why The Judge Would Deny You Bail

If you or someone you know has been arrested; it is always advisable to use a bail bondsman to get out of jail. You could be tempted to pay off the bail amount on your own, but that will come with far-reaching consequences, and you should let someone handle such things on your behalf.

There are circumstances where the judge could deny you bail and we’re going to highlight some of them.

The Severity of the Crime

Some crimes will make it possible for the judge to issue bail.  If an individual has been charged with a violent crime such as murder, rape, and robbery with violence, it could be an uphill task convincing the judge to be released on bail. There could be a ruling that the severity of the crime is far too high and risky for the accused to be released on bail.

Missing Court Dates

If you have a history of missing court dates, the judge could be hesitant to issue a bail to secure your release. This is because they do not want you to be released only to miss the court dates. They’d rather have you locked up until the day of the court hearing. There might be judges that are lenient but you can’t expect everything to be the same.

Some will also set a high bail bond amount to discourage you from skipping court. Make sure you’re getting in touch with a reputable company like Connecticut Bail Bonds Group if you don’t want to spend another minute in jail.

A Threat to the Public

No court system in the world will want to release someone who could potentially be a threat to the public. In most cases, bail will be issued for crimes that aren’t perceived to be violent. If the judge has reason to believe that you could be a threat to the public, he or she will not hesitate to deny bail.

Even if bail is granted to such an individual, there will be public outcry which is the last thing that the court would want to deal with.

Repeat Offense

If you’ve been convicted of crimes on more than one occasion, you’re going to have a hard time for the bail to be granted. Even if it is granted, the rate could be unreasonable and some people would prefer to stay in jail as a result.

A repeated offender is a sign to the court that they’ve not learned anything and that they’re not remorseful in any way. If you have a good attorney, you can get away but not every judge is going to be friendly.

Flight Risk

The reason you’re granted bail is because the court trusts you. If you’re a flight risk, the judge will have every reason to deny you bail. The judge could have reason to believe that the accused could want to fly to another country as soon as they’re released. That alone is enough grounds for the judge to deny bail.

Having looked at the reasons why your bail could be denied, you might want to know how to go about the process of getting the bail bond paid. As we’ve already mentioned, it is not encouraged to settle the amount on your own.

You need to look for a bail bonds agent who can be trusted to get you out of jail. Some of the key considerations you should be having in mind when searching for a bail bondsman include:

Availability: You might be arrested in the middle of the night and would want to get out of jail as soon as possible. A reputable company is available around the clock. There will always be someone to answer all the questions that you could be having.

Trustworthy: No one ever plans to end up in jail but that is not to say that it can’t happen. A trustworthy company will ensure that everything is clear from the onset. You’ll know how much you’re expected to pay even before you can secure your release.


For a first time offender, you don’t need to worry about bail not being granted unless you’ve been accused of a serious offense. You must be researching the bail bond agents as not all of them will have your best interests at heart. You can know if you’re dealing with a reliable company when you first reach out to them.

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