Reasons Why Using Your Phone for Hours Could be Dangerous

You have all the reasons to use your phone and keep it with you at all times. Given the features of phones these days, it is impossible to keep away from them for a long time. However, you still need extra caution in using the device. If possible, you need to limit the number of hours using it. You also need to stop using the phone when you feel that it is getting hot. These are some reasons why it could be too risky for you to use your phone over an extended period.

Adverse effect on relationships with others

You need your phone to communicate with others, but it could also prevent you from interacting with someone next to you. Therefore, when you are with someone, and you are trying to catch up, you need to stop using your phone. It is not only a sign of respect, but it is also a chance to make the most of your time together.

Increased stress levels

Constantly using your phone could also stress you out. The people you interact with online and the activities you do on social media could cause undue stress. Using your phone to do work-related tasks could also be stressful.

Chronic pain

You might notice that your back starts to hurt after some time using your phone. If not, your neck starts to become stiff. You maintain the same position when holding your phone, and it could strain your muscles after a while.

Vision issues

You might start to squint as you use your phone for so many hours. It could strain your eyes because the screen is quite small. You also expose your eyes to blue light, and your eyes can only tolerate it for a while.

Low self-esteem

You become so dependent on your phone that you do not now how to interact with real people. When you need to be with others in a social event, you might feel left out. You do not feel confident enough. You have enveloped yourself in your online life so much that you forget it is not necessarily the real world.

Radiation exposure

Your phone emits radiation. EMF or an electromagnetic field contains uncharged particles that could have adverse effects when meeting electrically charged devices like your phone. When you keep using your phone over time, you expose yourself to high doses of radiation that might lead to brain damage and cancer. Thankfully, there are several EMF blocker products available that can help mitigate electromagnetic exposure.

Start taking action

To avoid the effects of radiation, you need to use EMF protection. You can buy accessories and jewelry that you can wear all the time. You can also keep them in your bag to block radiation. You need to be responsible when using your phone and stop when you feel like you have already spent several hours on it. You might also have to speak with a professional if your addiction is beyond your control and you start feeling ill. Your kids also need to stay protected as they are very vulnerable.

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