Reasons Why You Might Want to Visit an Audiologist

Are you having problems hearing? Have friends and family commented on your inability to hear them or their inability to hear you?  You may find the cause

Are you having problems hearing? Have friends and family commented on your inability to hear them or their inability to hear you?  You may find the cause is something as easy to fix as a wax buildup, but it might be something more serious.   If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, don’t despair.  A trip to an audiologist can reveal the source of your problem. Here are some reasons why people visit audiologists.

EarWax Removal 

One of the most common reasons people visits audiologists is due to excess ear wax. If you have experienced hearing problems, it could indicate a buildup of earwax. An audiologist has specialized tools that can help remove the excess earwax and maintain good ear health. Ear candling is an alternative method that is used by some, however, the use of this procedure has not been approved by the FDA. When visiting an audiologist for relief from wax build-up, they will first check to make sure there are no infections before proceeding with removal treatments. Then a professional will be able to remove the wax from your using a professional ear cleaning process so you can hear better. This usually does not take a very long time and can be completed in no time.

Hearing Loss Testing 

Hearing loss is one of the most common reasons why people visit audiologists. Experts say hearing loss makes it difficult for individuals to communicate with others and thus affects their quality of life. It may be a symptom of another condition or illness, so a hearing test should be done immediately in order to determine the actual cause. People visit audiologists to do a complete checkup of the hearing aids that they are currently wearing. This includes testing whether or not the devices are still working properly, checking their batteries, and making sure that everything is ready for them to use.

Difficulty In Hearing

Many people experience difficulty in hearing, which can be caused by a range of factors. This could be because of age – as we grow older our hearing tends to decrease, or it could be due to over-exposure to loud noises such as those produced by gunfire or amplified music. Whatever the cause, an audiologist is able to identify many different types of hearing problems and treat them accordingly. Having difficulty understanding speech at a normal volume level, typically in group conversations or in noisy situations can indicate some degree of your loss of hearing. Take this test to understand more about your hearing situation. If you score higher than 12/16, then it’s possible that you have some form of mild or moderate loss and should consider visiting an audiologist. 


Tinnitus is another common type of issue that affects people’s ability to hear and listen properly. Tinnitus occurs when you perceive sounds that aren’t really there and this can include buzzing and ringing in your ears that prevents you from concentration on what other people are saying during conversations. A tinnitus diagnosis is done by an audiologist who can diagnose what type you have and how severe it may be. Once he has diagnosed your condition, he can then treat it accordingly. Audiologists use a variety of treatments for tinnitus which include using hearing aids, using medications, or making lifestyle changes. This can include taking a break from listening to loud music and going to see a doctor if you have been exposed to high levels of noise at work.

Treatment for Ear Infections

If you experience frequent ear infections it is best that you seek the help of an audiologist as they are able to identify what type you have and treat it accordingly. Treatment options can range from home remedies such as over-the-counter antibiotics to more complex procedures such as surgery. Audiologists will review your medical history and determine whether surgery would be suitable for your condition or whether they can completely cure your infection without having an invasive procedure that comes with a longer healing time.

Treatment for Ear Infections

Audiologists are wonderful professionals that have dedicated their lives to help people of all ages with any type of ear-related problems or issues they may be having. No matter if it is wax build-up, hearing loss, or just a simple ear infection, getting professional treatment is vital  If you have been experiencing symptoms such as these it is important that you visit an audiologist to determine the exact cause and get a treatment plan in place.

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