Reasons You Should Consider Hiring A Will Writing Solicitor

Realistically, we do not like to think or talk about our demise. The thought of what form to death to expect sends shivers down the spines of many people. Even though we do not admit it, we are all going to leave someday. What plans do we have for our loved ones and dependents before then? It is time to think about having a will. This is one important factor to consider, especially if you care about the welfare of your special ones.

Making a will guarantees that your estate is passed on to those you specify and your children are well taken care of by appointed custodians.


Cost Implications Of Will Writing

The amount required to write a will depends on the complexities of your affairs and the location of the soliciting firm. Here is a cost breakdown of what to expect:


  • A Simple Will


You may have to spend anywhere between £144 and £240 to write a simple will. To get the best deal, shop for around, and compare rates. This could save you up to £100.


  • A Complex Will


Divorcees with children will need a complex will to allocate their estates. Fees can range from £150 to £300.


  • A Specialist Will


A Specialist will cover overseas properties, trusts, and taxes. You should expect to pay a minimum of £500 to draw up this will.


  • A Mirror Will


Partners can get the same mirror wills and pay less as compared to drawing them up individually. Should one of them die, the other person can oversee the inheritance.


Hiring The Services Of A Will Writing Solicitor

Wills can get complicated, depending on our situations. Even when we have everything going well for us, we ensure that our estates and hires are well taken care of by those we trust. The last thing you want is for your loved ones to be deprived of their inheritance based on a mistake on your part.

For this reason, you need the service of a solicitor – one who understands your position and can help you make the best decisions.


Finding A Will Writing Solicitor

Irrespective of your area of residence, you can locate an ideal solicitor nearby using the directories supplied by their regulatory agency. For example, you can check out will writing solicitors in Birmingham if you reside in this area. The Law Society regulates solicitors in such locations.

Before contacting a solicitor, ensure that you have given your decision a deep thought about what to do with your estate and who to appoint over it. By doing so, you will save time and money.


What Your Solicitor Would Do For You

Once you have hired a will writing solicitor, he will walk you through your options and ensure that your decisions align with your best intentions. You will also receive confidential advice on legal matters surrounding your will, including areas like inheritance TAX (if any). While drawing up a will, your solicitor will ensure that all protocols are observed and no mistakes are made.

On your part, find out the cost of the will you intend drawing up and how it is calculated.

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