How to Reduce Cravings While Dieting?

Food cravings are your worst enemy when it comes to weight loss and dieting. Hearing the word “chocolate” might trigger that inner uncontrollable desire to have “just one bite”. So how can you reduce cravings?

That uncontrollable desire to have “just one last bite” is the reason behind the annoying number on the scale. Cravings may be intense, persistent, and almost not possible to avoid. Fortunately, many ways are available for you to follow and escape annoying food desires.

1. Avoid Starving Yourself to Reduce Cravings

Starving yourself awakens those crazy cravings. More so, starvation diets reduce bone density, reduces lean muscle, decrease strength, and change your metabolism.

Eating regularly and having healthy snacks is an effective way to reduce cravings. Thus, always make sure to prepare a healthy meal for a busy day at work and keep your belly full and happy!

2. Eat Healthy Meals

Eat Healthy Meals

A lack of key nutrients might as well lead to uncontrollable cravings. Make sure to consume proper meals at the proper time. Giving your body all the nutrients that it needs will help fight hunger.

Sometimes you might feel like you need a snack after having your meal. Make sure to consume more fruits, vegetables, seeds, or whole foods. These last will make you feel full and reduce cravings significantly.

3. Planning Meals

Don’t spend too much time thinking about what you’re going to have for your next meal. Otherwise, your cravings will be intensified and you will be more tempted. To eliminate uncertainty and spontaneity, follow an organized meal plan throughout the week.

4. Consume more Proteins

Several studies proved that consuming more proteins throughout the day reduces hunger significantly, makes you feel fuller for a longer period, and keeps you away from overeating (especially at night). High-protein foods include eggs, chicken breast, lean beef, tuna, turkey breast, oats, quinoa, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, milk, broccoli, almonds, and many more.

5. Consume more Water

Your brain can confuse hunger with thirst. If you suddenly feel an urge to consume specific foods, try drinking a big glass of water. Wait for approximately two minutes. You should feel liberated from your cravings. Water is considered an important component in diets since it reduces hunger, appetite, and keeps you healthy and hydrated.

6. Consume Spinach Extract to Reduce Cravings

Spinach extract is made from spinach leaves. It was recently introduced to the market and proved to stimulate weight loss. Consuming spinach extract increases the level of hormones responsible for reducing hunger and appetite (GLP-1) through delaying fat digestion. It is recommended to consume 5 grams of spinach extract per day for better results, and of course, to get rid of those annoying cravings.

7. Get Away from your Cravings

In case you experience uncontrollable cravings, try to shift your focus onto something else (i.e. take a shower, go for a walk, etc.). Some studies proved that chewing gums can decrease your appetite significantly. However, I do prefer the first option. After all, keeping your teeth healthy is a must!

8. Fighting Stress to Reduce Cravings

Stress stimulates food cravings, especially in women. When under stress, women tend to consume more calories and experience uncontrollable cravings than non-stressed women. Stress increases cortisol blood levels – a hormone that makes you gain weight. Meditating and planning is always a good idea to avoid everyday stress and reduce cravings.

9. Getting Enough Sleep

Sleep deprivation is more dangerous than you think it is. Not getting enough sleep leads to obesity. It disrupts the normal fluctuation of hormones which affects your appetite enormously throughout the day.

10. Avoid Grocery Shopping when Hungry

Grocery stores are the worst places to be at when you haven’t had your lunch yet. Supermarkets give you access to pretty much anything. The unhealthiest foods are always placed at eye level, thus, making it easy for you to grab anything and forget that you’re on a diet. To avoid cravings, make sure to shop only when you’ve had your meal.

Cravings are very common among people, especially those trying to shrink some inches. Uncontrollable food desires may lead to food addictions, binge eating, and weight gain. Always be aware of your cravings and what triggers it to maintain a healthy weight and follow a balanced diet.

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