Registry Revolution – 6 Things You Need to Put on Your Bridal Registry

When planning for one of the biggest days of your life, creating a bridal registry is an important (but easy to overlook) detail. Your bridal registry can help you set the stage for an organized married life and home. Check out the following tips for setting up your best bridal registry.

Bridal Registry


Yes, you do need those cookware sets! Finding the perfect set for your new kitchen is essential. Rather than combining two sets from different houses, start fresh with a new set that matches the style of your new home and kitchen. By putting the perfect cookware set on your list, you’ll know what you’re getting without going through the hassle of shopping for it yourself.

A Honeymoon Fund

A really popular and exciting new option to put on your registry is a link to a fund for your honeymoon. Many couples are nixing the honeymoon immediately after the wedding and planning on taking one later into their marriage. A first-year anniversary getaway is a popular option. Adding this link to your bridal registry allows people to donate money or air miles to your future trip while saving you from facing a large expenditure right after an expensive wedding. These can also be termed as “travel expenses” if you would rather not call it a “honeymoon fund.”

Charitable Donations

Another popular trend in modern bridal registries is to make a fund for charitable donations. Many couples have charities or non-profits that align with their personal beliefs and life experiences. Rather than using the registry for normal household items, you can opt to use your registry as a way to support companies and groups that mean something to you personally.

Place Settings (But It’s Not What You Think!)

This is not your grandma’s place setting we are talking about. Gone are the days of having a 12-person matching place setting set with gravy boats and serving platters. Adding multiple styles to your registry is one option for creating an eclectic and personalized kitchen ambiance. Another fun option is adding vintage pieces to your registry list. Although you cannot find such pieces at big-box retailers, listing local shops and antique stores can help your friends track down unique items for you.

Practical Gifts

Another out of the box idea for your bridal registry is to focus on supreme practicality. This can mean including items like gift certificates for groceries, gas cards, or even oil changes for your car. Decide what you need to get your new life organized, then ask for those practical gifts.

Home Down Payment

This last idea is probably the most revolutionary and perhaps controversial. Many newly married couples dream about owning their own house or flat. And if you are looking to move out of the rental market, buying your own piece of property can be the ultimate dream. However, many couples can’t afford a new house on top of the wedding and honeymoon. By creating an option in your registry for friends and family to contribute to a fund for your home, you give them an option to invest in your future in a much more practical way.

These are only a few ideas for your upcoming bridal registry. New trends emerge every year, but we can see that one of the main themes is a shift towards gifts that are practical and less extravagant. Let your friends and family invest in your happiness through personalized gifts.

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