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Remote Control Monster Truck: 6 Essential Features To Check

RC Monster trucks are fascinating vehicles that both children and adults can enjoy. There are several types and models of RC monster trucks on the market, and it can be hard to decide which one will provide the best performance and enjoyment.

Not all RC monster trucks are the same, and each truck’s features communicate its capability. Here are six essential features to check while buying a remote control monster truck.

1. 4WD RTR

4WD stands for a four-wheel drive, while RTR stands for Ready-to-Run. If you are new to RC vehicles, you can benefit from buying a 4WD RTR RC monster truck. For example, they come with a radio transmitter and nearly everything you need to start driving right out of the box, although some don’t include the batteries and charger.  Read the description carefully to determine if you need to purchase these separately.

When you buy a remote control monster truck with 4WD, you can race it on different surfaces. Whether it is off-road terrain or a paved road, you will be able to drive the truck without any issues. If you buy a 2WD RC monster truck, you will have limitations on the surfaces you can race it on. If you plan to race with your RC monster truck on different road types, a 4WD is the best choice.

2. Anodized Aluminum Chassis

The chassis is where vital components of RC monster trucks are attached. For example, the motor, center differential, and other parts that get your monster truck moving. When racing your monster truck on rough terrain, it is bound to toss and turn and experience many shocks.

An anodized aluminum chassis keeps the critical components of the monster truck safe and intact even after rollover accidents during a race or when your truck lands upside down.

3. Oil-Filled Adjustable Shocks

Monster truck racing is not like normal racing. Most races are conducted on uneven surfaces and with many obstacles on the path. This results in the monster truck experiencing a lot of bouncing motion. Shock absorbers play a crucial role in dampening the bouncing motion of the vehicle and keeping the body motions under control.

Oil-filled adjustable shocks are an essential feature that can absorb bouncing motion better than traditional shock absorbers. As a result, they can help your monster truck’s tires remain in contact with the ground and provide better handling and control.

With adjustable shocks, you can control the compression and rebound of the front shock and control the launch. Also, they help in weight transfer to rear tires for better stability and control during drag racing.

4. Brushless Motors

Electric RC monster trucks run on batteries, and you need energy-efficient motors to ensure batteries have enough juice to complete the race. Brushless motors are highly energy efficient in comparison to their brushed counterparts.

Since there are no brushes in the motor, there is no energy loss due to friction. In addition, experts mention brushless motors can run on batteries 50% longer than brushed drills.

5. Multi-Spoke Wheels

A monster truck with large wheels needs to balance well, especially when driving it on rocky or rough terrain. The number of spokes in the wheel makes a huge difference in trucks’ speed and stability on rough terrains. With more spokes, the possibility of wheels slipping or rolling is significantly reduced.

Also, when your monster truck lands on the ground from a height, the chances of the wheel deforming or breaking down are greatly reduced. The multi-spokes are flexible absorb the energy of the impact and protect the inner rim of the wheel from damage.

6. 2.4GHz 3-Channel Radio

When participating in an RC monster truck race, you are bound to compete with other remote-controlled vehicles. A 2.4GHz 3-channel Radio system requires a small antenna and has a longer range. The small antenna allows the manufacturer to keep the wireless system footprint minimal, with good overall weight and aerodynamics.

When you buy an RC monster truck, focus on these essential features, and you will never regret your choice.

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