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Remote Success: Business Management Tools for Newly Remote Companies

About 58% of knowledge workers in the U.S. have become remote workers. If you’re considering transitioning into remote working, you stand to benefit greatly from this setting. However, management tasks can get overwhelming when dealing with remote workers.

Handling every process while remaining productive might prove to be harder than you could imagine. Fortunately, you can work with several business management tools to make your work easier.

With these business tools, you’ll automate some of the tasks. Your company will have better control of finances, workflow, human resources, and time. Here are some of the online business management tools that you’d want to consider.



Effective communication in remote working is a prerequisite. Unlike an office setting where you can walk over to your colleague’s desk to drop a document, remote working doesn’t have such luxuries. Slack is a communication tool that will replace the office interactions.

The tool can be set up on your phone or desktop. You can then send relevant chats to team members. Better still, you can create channels where teams collaborate on different projects.

Slack allows the tagging of team members, making it possible to upload and share files with multiple users. Your team members can, therefore, view the document and work on it in real-time. Other than sending a hundred emails, Slack is the ideal option as it also encourages interactions.



WORKetc is one of the business management tools playing multiple management roles. WORKetc has continued to grow since its inception in 2009. This business tool can now handle activities relating to customer service and back office.

A significant part of the app focuses on CRM. However, WORKetc integrates seamlessly with billing and project management, making it an all-in-one business management tool. If switching between apps when handling your business processes affects your efficiency, you’ll love working with WORKetc.

Besides increased efficiency, WORKetc will help you save some dollars. You’ll only need a single license as all users will be working from the same system. WORKetc is one of the most cost-effective apps you’ll come across.


Google Drive

You might never realize the importance of Google Drive until you start working remotely! Finding the correct documents in a database can be time consuming and overwhelming. As such, you can’t afford to send multiple documents to team members as it will be a disaster in waiting.

Google Drive is one of the online tools for businesses that will make it easier to create files. It also makes it easier for team members to collaborate in real-time.

Everyone in the team will be able to edit the document, comment, or even sign a pdf. You can check here to know how you can sign your pdf on Mac. With the exceptional Google Drive features, members won’t miss out on any relevant document-related projects.



Trello is an online project management app designed for task management and project management. This tool helps in sales, marketing, software development, and human resources. Teams using Trello can customize some of its functionalities towards meeting their project management goals.

For those who pride in being organized, Trello is an exciting solution. You can arrange tasks based on their priority. The app has automated workflows, rule-based triggers, commands, and cue-cards.

Trello further works as a collaboration and teamwork tool. Most of its features seek to fill in members on the progress of tasks and pending items that might need their action. If you’ve been thinking about the business management tools with several functionalities but easy to use, Trello should be top of your list.



Did you know that workers waste about 56 minutes every day on their phones in nonwork activities? 30% of these workers spend time going through their personal emails, while 28% check their social networks. You’d be surprised to realize how these activities affect your company’s productivity!

With remote working, the distractions are arguably more than in an office setting. It would be best to work with a time management tool to know how your workers are spending their working days. Timely is one of the time management tools you can use to log in to your team members’ projects.

Timely allows you to set completion goals, organize projects, and compare time recorded. Your team productivity will be evident. While at it, be keen not to dwell on micromanagement as it can be counter-productive.



Poor communication and disorganization can devastate your company’s productivity. Businesses that have embraced remote working are particularly at risk of low productivity if they don’t have the collaboration tools.

Bitrix is one of the collaboration platforms that has incorporated management, social collaboration, and communication tools. It is quite comprehensive, making it ideal for remote teams. It offers project management, CRM, HR management, document management, and collaboration.

The features such as video conferencing, task management, file storage, and much more. You might never need other business management tools when using this software to manage your remote teams.



StudioCloud is a reliable business management solution that you’ll love. It allows you to manage your business anywhere. As such, it can be an ideal business tool for your remote team.

One of the top features of Studiocloud is its ability to manage partners, vendors, and clients in one platform. It allows clients to review contracts before signing them online. What’s more, you can send personalized email or text reminders to your partners.


Business Management Tools Are Indispensable in a Remote Work Environment

The growing prevalence of remote working has increased the need for business management tools. You’ll need several tools to manage your team members working from different parts of the country. With the right solutions, the work efficiency will be more like what you’d expect in an office setting.

It would help to choose multi-functional tools. The last thing you want is to have a variety of apps, which can end up causing more confusion than solutions. Research more about the tools to ensure that you have the right software for your business.

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