Renewable Power Sources You Can Use To Power Your Home

In Concord, California, the government offers many incentives and rebates to homeowners who incorporate energy-efficient and renewable energy resources into their homes.

If you have installed solar panels in Concord, you might be eligible for a maximum rebate of up to $5000 for a 5KW energy system. You are eligible for a thousand-dollar rebate for each KW you add to your solar energy system. So, even if you have a 3KW solar energy system at your home, you may receive up to a $3000 rebate from the government.

Moreover, people in California are eligible for a rebate of one dollar per bulb if they use energy-efficient LED bulbs in their homes.

Other than solar panels, the government offers plenty of rebates and incentives for different renewable energy sources.

Here are different ways you can power your home using sustainable energy solutions. These methods will help save the environment and your monthly power bills. Moreover, with the support of the state government, it is easier to install these systems in your house.

1. Rooftop solar panels

Installing solar panels in Concord, CA homes, on your rooftop is a common and popular option if you are looking for a source of renewable power. Depending on your location, weather, and quality of the components, you can generate 10 watts per square foot.

With innovations in the solar energy system, it is now possible to power an entire home using only solar energy. On average, a house consumes at least a kilowatt of power, and with a few square feet of rooftop panels or ground-mounted panels, you can power your home entirely from sunlight.

2. Wind turbines

If you have ample space on your premises, you can install a wind turbine system to fulfill your power requirements. Even if you do not have enough space, residential wind turbines that are much smaller in size will do the job. These wind turbines can generate 400 watts to 100KW of power depending on the wind speed in a specific location.

Smaller wind turbines can power your dishwasher, water heater, household appliances, and air conditioners.

3. Micro hydropower

Hydropower is best suited for those who have a flowing water body in their estate. A small hydropower system in your estate can produce from 5 KW to 100 KW depending on the flow of water and the turbines you use. A system of 10KW is sufficient to power a large home or a small farm.

4. Solar heating and air conditioning

If you do not have sufficient roof space to install panels that can generate electricity for your entire house, then you must consider installing solar heating systems. Solar heating solutions take less space than solar arrays and can save you money.

Solar heaters do not require traditional panels, but different panels are installed that hold a reserve of water. This reserve is heated with solar energy and then can be circulated in your house. You can use this water in radiators, showerheads, and faucets.

While not all renewable energy solutions may be suitable for everyone, one must think about incorporating at least one clean energy source into their daily life. It will not only save you some money but help the environment as well.

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