Renovation vs. Rebuilding a House

If you live in a house that you feel that it’s a bit outdated and needs more love, you might be asking yourself do you spice up your existing house or just start over? That is a really big decision therefore it requires careful planning. To make a perfect choice that will fit your budget and fulfill your needs, you need to ask yourself a couple of questions.

How Drastic Are The Renovations That You Want?

A great way to ask yourself is how much extra space you need to make. If you are looking to expand your home drastically or make some big structural changes then it is worth looking into what it takes to rebuild a house.

Do You Want It To Be Better or Cheaper?

If you want to improve your house you will need to tear it down and rebuild it. If you are not ready for something that extreme choose the cheaper way, renovation. Even when you are renovating your whole house with quality materials in most cases it will still be cheaper than rebuilding it. When you are rebuilding your home you are installing all-new systems, and ceilings and creating a whole new living space. Therefore it can be up to 20 percent more expensive to rebuild it rather than renovate your whole house.

Is Rebuilding Your House An Option In The Area You Live In?

Sometimes, no matter how much you want to start over and rebuild your house, it just isn’t possible. That is because some areas have planning laws that prohibit certain houses from being demolished or having their exterior changed. You will be able to find out if you can do it or not by looking into your purchase contract or by looking into your council records.

How Tight Is Your Budget?

If your budget isn’t that big, the best way to go is renovating. Not because renovating is cheaper or worse, that is because with renovating you can decide to freeze it and continue when your budget allows you to do so. If you decide to tear down your house and rebuild it, you are going all in, because once you tear down your house you are left with a lot. Unless you want to be an owner of an empty lot you need to start building immediately, so you have a place to live. You have to get everything new, all the materials for building the house, and most importantly you will need to hire professional home rebuilders who will do it for you.

Ascertain the Real Condition of your House

Even though you can renovate any house, not all of them should be. Think about some things that you would want and do your research because some of them might mean that you need to rebuild it instead of renovating it. For instance, if you want your feelings to be higher you will need to rebuild your house because the floor needs to be removed and in most cases, the foundation that is already existing isn’t good enough.

How Patient Are You

The biggest difference between rebuilding and renovating your home is the time that I will take. It usually all depends on the extent of changes that you want to be made. If you are changing the structural layout of the house it will mean that the project timeline will be longer. If time is precious to you, being realistic about how long will the project take will be the best and easiest way to choose between rebuilding and renovating.

What Is Your Goal?

Sometimes the fastest answer you will get when you are choosing between renovating or rebuilding is just by asking yourself what is your goal. If you want to be in control and have a clean slate while creating something that will increase the value of your home and require less upkeep rebuilding is for you. If you want to update and make your house more modern and smart, quick renovations are best for you with good wall cleaning by drywall sanders.

No matter what you decide to do, your result should always be a place where you and your family are happy and a home that is efficient, durable, and functional.

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