8 Best Report Automation Tools for Digital Marketers

If you are during the early days of your digital marketing agency or, even more, you are running a startup, not using report automation tools for the marketing campaigns you are currently running is not the end of the world. Your initial budget might be quite low, the number of marketing campaigns and their extent is not that great

If you are during the early days of your digital marketing agency or, even more, you are running a startup, not using report automation tools for the marketing campaigns you are currently running is not the end of the world.

Your initial budget might be quite low, the number of marketing campaigns and their extent is not that great, so you can live without such tools.

The main processes you would have to go through in order to have a clear overview of your campaigns are the following:

  • Manual Data Collection. You take your information from different sources, be it Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics or any other marketing channel you are using.
  • Data Centralization. Once you have the information in a very raw format, you need to align its format to the one you are using. You need to make sure you clearly define your KPIs before you start analyzing your data. That way, you will know how to do the centralization.
  • Data Analysis. Now that your information is collected and centralized in an Excel or Google spreadsheet, you can start analyzing it. See which campaign is getting the expected results, which doesn’t, why it does or why it does not.
  • This usually means creating a PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation where you encapsulated the vital information and you draw the conclusions of the data you’ve gathered.

Well, the answer is quite clear, so let’s take a look at 8 automation tools that can help your digital marketers increase their productivity.

1. ReportGarden

ReportGarden is a very useful and user-friendly automated reporting tool. It’s very useful features intertwine perfectly with the platform’s appealing user interface, making it very easy to use and master.

Apart from reporting SEO campaigns, this tool also comes in with native support for pay-per-click campaigns running on platforms such as Google AdWords, Facebook, Twitter or other social media networks.

It offers a lot of flexibility allowing you to create detailed reports where you can highlight only the most important aspects you are interested in.

Here’s how you can do that:

  • Choose the criteria you want to segment the data by Age, Location, Gender, you name it.
  • Utilize the widgets you have at your disposal to visualize the information the way you consider best
  • Last, but not least, choose the template you want to use when the report is generated

It’s as simple as that! Your digital marketing specialist works for two days and those will be the last ones when he works on creating the needed reports. Next, ReportGarden will deliver you the reports automatically.

2. Moz Pro

Moz Pro, unlike the first tool we mentioned, is focused on search engine optimization reports. It is a more niche tool, it doesn’t have the diversity of others, but its SEO tools are more precise.

Their platform offers an all-inclusive suite of SEO-intensive suite. If you or your clients focus on organic traffic rather than paid traffic, then this is the tool for you.

Their Site Crawl behaves similarly to the search engines’ crawlers, the ones that help you index your website. Then, it gives you a detailed report on the status of your website. It will tell you information about the number of pages it crawled, and the issues that might lower your SEO score.

3. SEMrush

SEMrush, similar to MOZ PRO, is the go-to place if you are focusing on having outstanding search engine marketing results. You will know what the online writing services you work with should focus on the next time they write content for you.

Their reports will highlight the main issues your website is having from an SEM point of view. These issues are split into two, critical ones, and regular ones. In the reports, they are highlighted so you will know what to fix. From functional errors to missing HTML tags, and even sentences that are a bit too long. If you focus on generating organic traffic this is the tool for you.

4. Optmyzr

Now that we talked about tools that create automatic reports on the SEO of your website, it’s time to talk about your pay-per-click campaigns.

This tool can help you generate exhaustive reports for a large palette of pay-per-click platforms, such as Google Ads, Bing, and even Amazon campaigns.

It gives you the ability to create format the information the way you want to so that you can include all your KPIs into these reports. Then, once the data starts coming in, you can choose from a variety of templates to create the reports. You can export them as a presentation, a PDF, you name it.

5. Serpstat

Serpstat gives you the ability to abstract your analytics information from a large number of campaigns and a wide variety of campaigns. For example, you can encapsulate into your reports information about your SEO campaigns, pay-per-click campaigns, and even your content campaigns.

A very important aspect of this tool is the fact that you can research your competitors’ SEO strategies and the way they evolve in comparison to yours. This way, you can focus on keywords they might’ve missed or choose others that can generate higher traffic.

6. Raven Tools

Raven Tools is a platform that can easily help you and your company to generate automated analytics reports. Regardless of the number of channels you are using to promote your company, this tool can centralize the information you are looking for and give you a compelling overview of the way your campaigns are performing.

Similar to a flying raven who’s overseeing the valley, you can see all the action happening on your marketing channels. You are in full control of your marketing campaigns and you can take action when the right time comes.

7. Octoboard

If we were to resume Octoboard in a few words, then these would be them: real-time reports, multichannel, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bing, clicks, views, costs, and results.

Is that a good enough summary for you?

Need more information? Ok. Octoboard is the tool you should use if you want to generate real-time, automated reports for search engine campaigns, and social media campaigns.

You just select the information you want your reports to contain, you integrate with the platforms that you are looking to get reports for, and at the end of the day, week or month, Octoboard will centralize all this information for you. Then, it will deliver it in a user-friendly fashion. Be it a spreadsheet, a presentation, a PDF, you can have it the way you want to.

8. DashThis

Even though DashThis is the last tool on our list, it is definitely not the last one in our ranking.

A very cool fact that you should know about this report automation tool is the fact that it comes with more than 30 native integrations. Chances are, regardless of the pay-per-click platform you are using, they already have support for it and you can easily integrate it.

From social media to Google Ads, MailChimp for your email marketing campaigns, MOZ for your SEO campaigns, SEMrush, Youtube, you name it. This tool can be integrated with some very important platforms that can give you an exhaustive look over your marketing campaigns.


Be it a marketing agency or a regular company having a marketing department, at some point during your expansion, all those people who should be focusing on creating online marketing campaigns, will lose at least 3 working days each month on making these reports. That’s 10% of the time not being focused on creating campaigns that would get results for your customers. Do you think you can afford to lose that time or you should rather focus on what’s more important?

We all know the answer to this question, so stop wasting valuable time on manually creating reports, and step into the digital world.

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