Restrictions on Cooperation of Various Casinos with PayPal

For players from various countries, something has changed. Partly it is even their own fault, and partly the still ongoing chaos in gambling regulation.

The fact is that PayPal no longer cooperates with many online gambling providers in Europe, and cooperation with online casinos from other countries is also stopped or limited. Where did this come from, what does it mean and what are the consequences, we will tell you in this article.

Will there soon be no more online casinos with PayPal as a payment method?

To answer this question, it is necessary to know the actual reason for the termination. It is striking that it affects mainly European players, international PayPal definitely continues to cooperate with online casinos. Likewise, the cooperation remains active if this provider has a license for online sports betting. Two reasons are suspected, which probably go hand in hand:

  • Refunds-especially some European players have discovered a new hobby in the past. They have made large deposits through PayPal and lost money without even having the money. Others have demanded their deposits – after they were lost – back. For PayPal, of course, this meant effort as well as expense. Although customer gambling protections were eventually eliminated, such cases were always handled on a case-by-case basis. It is quite possible that these costs became so great that cooperation was discontinued.
  • Laws – online gambling is still not properly regulated in our country, so most online casinos operate with EU licenses. In recent months, however, more and more action has been taken against the providers. Recently, some banks and savings banks have withdrawn from the online casino market, and also no longer make transfers or accept deposits with winnings. Since the PayPal blocking mainly affects players from Europe, it can be assumed that it has become too difficult for PayPal. 

Gaming is fun

The last point is reinforced by the fact that online-licensed sports betting providers continue to offer PayPal and confirm that this will continue to be the case in the future. But: if the provider also has a casino, the money deposited through PayPal can only be used for sports betting. A transfer to a casino account is not possible, nor can profits from the casino be credited to a sports betting account.

Only PayPal can provide real clarity. For most players, it is time to look for alternatives and hope that the online gambling market will finally be regulated in a reasonable and legally secure way. Current online casinos with PayPal are listed and described in more detail in the table below.

The best PayPal online casinos

Casino HallWelcome BonusBenefits
1.Loco Win1.850€ + 500 Free SpinsTop customer service good loyalty programCashback promotion
2.N1 Casino150€ + 50 Free SpinsMany progressive jackpots Top bonus program Top Live Casino
3.Vega Dream1.650€ + 300 Free SpinsRenowned game developers EU licenseExcellent game selection
4.Sugar Casino1.500€ + 100 Free SpinsThe versatile game offers lucrative new customer bonus and serious EU license
5.Mason Slots200€ + 50 Free SpinsOver 3,500 games great Live CasinoMany Jackpot Slots
6.Platin Casino250€ + 120 Free SpinsFair bonus terms good bonus package
7.Rant Casino1.000€High bonus very fast payouts Good games

What should players look out for in payment services in the future?

If a provider cooperates with PayPal, it already means to the customer at first sight that the provider is trustworthy. That’s why casinos offering PayPal have always been especially valued. 

Now, this principle only works for sports betting, which means players need other deposit and withdrawal methods:

  • Deposits are the least of the problems. Credit cards, PaySafe cards, and many other options are available here. What often no longer works is a deposit through Sofort; even some banks and savings banks don’t fulfill the order when it comes to an online casino located overseas. Sports betting providers are an exception.
  • Withdrawals – With the disappearance of PayPal, they really are a problem. The reason is that many gamblers don’t want anyone to know where the money came from. However, this reason is also used by people to launder money, and online gambling is under this suspicion en masse in neighboring European countries. Moreover, since banks and savings banks are not legally allowed to accept money from illegal gambling, there is a possibility that winnings may not be credited at all. In this case, the EU license does not play a role at first, as it is unlikely that an inspection will be carried out. 

There are still various online payment services such as Skrill or Trustly for payments. It is important to always check the seriousness of the service. This is especially true for all services that are linked to your own bank account.

What else should you pay attention to?

From the perspective of many European countries, gamblers operate in a legal gray area, which is certainly not their fault. The only truly legal gamblers are those who visit gambling halls, play the state lottery online, or use one of the country’s licensed sports betting providers. For this reason, some caution should be exercised when choosing a casino with a PayPal payment method:

  • License – most online casinos operate with EU licenses, mostly from Malta or Gibraltar. In addition, the headquarters is located in the respective country. Since countries issue different licenses, users should be especially careful. Some licensors are more lenient, others less so. The good ones are usually the mga licenses. Tip: some states are increasingly working toward having German licenses. Here we can assume that those sports betting providers who already have a German sports betting license and have passed a background check are more likely to be approved.
  • Security – although access barriers can be uncomfortable for users at first, a good casino is different in that it has a robust age verification process. A casino where anyone can register without verification, sometimes even without real data, deposit money and immediately start playing is not respectable.
  • Limit – It should be possible to set fixed limits that can only be withdrawn by roundabout means. Also, in terms of player protection, the casino should offer its own limits and, if necessary, exclude players if they attract attention due to excessive gambling. 

It’s also important not to be seduced by the new customer bonus alone, but to see if it’s tied to any conditions. The terms and conditions should be clearly seen and understood. Some bonuses need to be wagered or converted first, which ultimately involves a large deposit and a high risk of loss.

Conclusion – the reasons are not yet completely clear

Presumably, PayPal is refusing transactions with casinos for several reasons. If the main reason is that the gamblers tried to rip off the casino and PayPal from their side, then all honest players will now have to suffer the ruthlessness of their fellow gamblers.

However, it is more likely that it has become too unsafe for the provider, and now they are waiting to see how gambling is regulated in Europe.

The fact that it is mainly European players who are affected is a clear indication of this.

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