Revolutionary Ophena Stirrups: Unmatched Technology

Ophena is a Swedish company with much to offer for equestrians. The journey of Ophena started when the founders decided that they wanted to create safety stirrups that maximized the safety of equestrians. Ophena stirrups were born to improve safety and to decrease the chance of serious accidents.

But how has Ophena reached its goal of maximizing the safety of equestrians? They have created revolutionary, unmatched technology that helps to keep riders safe.

Magnetic safety stirrups with over 1,300 five-star reviews

The very first Ophena stirrups were magnetic safety stirrups. While magnetic stirrups are not new on the market, Ophena was able to bring something unique and new to the stirrup models they created.

Ophena S and Ophena S Pro, the two magnetic safety stirrup models currently available, have features that set them apart from any other magnetic stirrups on the market.

In addition to the magnetic connection between the rider’s magnetic insole and the stirrup, the magnetic safety stirrups also have the following features:

  • An open design: this helps the rider’s foot to release in case of an accident and minimizes the risk of getting caught in the stirrups.
  • The Smart Attach™ -system makes it easy for the rider to attach and detach the stirrups from the stirrup leathers: no need to pull the leathers out of the saddle.
  • Excellent grip: Ophena stirrups feature an excellent grip that prevents the foot from slipping.
  • Possibility for engraving: you can customize your own Ophena stirrups by getting them engraved

So, it is no wonder that Ophena has received over 1,300 five-star reviews.

Magnetic safety stirrups for showjumping

Ophena S and Ophena S Pro magnetic safety stirrups are excellent especially for showjumping. They have been approved by the FEI for showjumping and they make jumping safer and even more comfortable: losing your stirrup is more unlikely, thanks to the magnetic connection.

Ophena stirrups: Ophena A features patent-pending technology

While Ophena S and Ophena S Pro are loved by over a thousand customers, they are not the best choice for dressage riders: magnetic safety stirrups are not approved for FEI dressage shows.

But Ophena did not want to leave dressage riders and eventers unnoticed. So, they created a new safety stirrup called Ophena A. It features patent-pending 360° double safety release technology. The Twister is a silicone piece on the outer side of the stirrup, and it releases at two independent points and in any direction when pressure is applied.

Also, Ophena A has integrated dampening that makes it more flexible. Increased flexibility can help riders with knee pain, for instance during showjumping and hard impact moments.

Ophena A safety stirrups are suitable for any discipline.

Get yours online at

Ophena stirrups are exclusively available at You can purchase your safety stirrups by adding the stirrups to your cart and completing your shipping details. As an added bonus, Ophena stirrups come with a 60-day money-back guarantee that ensures the happiness of all customers.

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