Riding Bike With The Right Body Position

Riding Bike With The Right Body Position

There are several different body positions that are able to produce slightly different results with each varied use. These body positions are important to learn and use to ensure the best rides are experienced.

The following are some of the different styles and body positioning that is required:

Doing It Right

Side slipping – the body position here would be in the fall line where the legs are flexed at the knees, ankles and hips. For the uphill motion it would have to advance by about one half a boot lengths over the downhill motion.

The direct fall line descent should be maintained parallel and the hips should also be parallel to the knees and ankles, while the shoulders would be in a position as close to the fall fine in which the chest faces downhill.

This is sometimes referred to as the side slip in the sled position. The forward side slipping would be done by allowing the tops to point slightly downhill and by maintaining the body position similar to the description give above.

The backward side slipping would only be different in that the tips of the point are slightly uphill. The forward and backward side slipping must display smoother and controlled transition from forward to backward side slipping and back against while the body position is still maintained as above.

Snow ploughing – is where the individual must display a competent and controlled snow plough motion with good edge control with the ability to stop when needed. The body position should be central and balanced at all times, to accommodate any sudden stops. Then there is the standard pivot turn, and here the combinations of all the above positions are required with some minor yet very important adjustments.


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