5 Tips To Find The Right Blinds For Every Room

Windows and doors serve as the entry point of fresh air, and the space where you can view the beauty outside and let natural light in. If you’re used to old-fashioned heavy curtains in the home, you might consider upgrading your window treatments to fresh blinds.

Blinds are the most efficient and easiest to clean of the available window treatments as unlike curtains, blinds don’t collect dust and attract dust mites. Additionally, blinds allow you to have complete control over light and privacy in your home.

So how do you find the right blinds for every room in your home? Let’s check out some helpful blind selection tips:

1- Choose Stylish And Functional Blinds For Your Living Room

Homeowners typically want something stylish, bold, and vibrant in their living room space. Blinds can make an excellent statement for both windows and doors, separating your interior from the outdoors. When choosing the best blinds, take into consideration the usual activities you do in the living room, for most people, it’s the place where you welcome guests and spend quality time with your family.

You might want to install blinds on the door between your living room and patio, which can promote greater privacy by lowering them whenever you want. Raise the blinds when you want to feel the fresh air coming from the garden and patio and enjoy the cool breeze on warm days. Choose the best blinds for your doors by checking out this door blinds guide or visiting a blind installation expert.

Functional Blinds For Your Living Room

Here are the most highly recommended blinds for living rooms:

  • Blackout Blinds: These blinds are perfect for movie viewing and video gaming. They can help to provide a dim, cinematic experience without annoying glare from the sun. For homes with large windows, blackout blinds help with insulation to increase warmth and avoid the draft.
  • Vertical Blinds: These elegant blinds can help control the natural light entering the home, and are recommended to cover sliding windows. You can decide when to leave vertical blinds open, tilted, or closed to maintain privacy from the outside, and can generally pull them to one side to let in the maximum amount of natural light if you’d prefer.
  • Wood Blinds: Choosing a window treatment that looks like part of your living room furniture can be a fun idea. Wood blinds have rich color and texture, adding class and warmth to any room.

2- Choose Easy-To-Use And Compact Blinds For Your Bedroom

Bedroom tends to have smaller windows than living rooms, especially if you live in an apartment, which is why more compact blinds are recommended. As you likely spend most of your bedroom time relaxing and sleeping, you might want to consider easy-to-use blinds.

Here are some recommendations when choosing blinds for your bedroom:

  • Roller Blinds: These blinds take up less space compared to most other blind designs. They are perfect for the bedroom because they can be easily opened and rolled up into a compact cylindrical shape. Additionally, roller blinds provide a snug fit to windows and block out the light effectively, so your sleep remains undisturbed.
  • Roman Blinds: These blinds can be made of nearly all types of materials, from wood, vinyl, and fabric. Roman blinds are known for their classic style with a soft, elegant finish. They’re ideal for smaller windows because the fabric gathers at the top, which makes them look neat.
  • Venetian Blinds: These blinds are usually made from aluminum, a versatile material suitable for any bedroom style. Venetian blinds provide the illusion that the windows are wider, highly recommended for bedrooms.

3- Choose Durable And Waterproof Blinds For Your Kitchen

Blinds can make your kitchen windows look polished. If your kitchen windows are located in a splash zone where they come in contact with water, steam, and food splatter, you need tough, waterproof, and easy-to-clean blinds. Consider choosing a PVC-based window treatment, as blinds made of PVC are waterproof and easy to clean.

Everyone should have a practical kitchen where they can prepare food and wash dishes with ease, choosing the right blinds for this space minimizes cleaning time. Blinds made of PVC, faux wood blinds, and vinyl roller blinds are all suitable for kitchen spaces as they won’t warp with humidity changes or heat from cooking. These blinds can be cleaned easily by wiping them with soap and water to remove grease splatters.

4- Choose Moisture Resistant And Easy To Clean Blinds For Your Bathroom

Blinds are popular window treatments for bathrooms because they look elegant look, and can be moisture-resistant and easy to clean. Having a space for a relaxing bath can help you sleep better, and improve your morning routine; create a more stylish, comfortable, and relaxing bathroom by installing any of the following blinds:

  • Pleated Blinds: These are a fantastic choice for your bathroom, and highly recommended for moist conditions as you can easily use a sponge to clean them quickly. Closed pleated blinds provide greater privacy, and semi-sheer pleated blinds create a beautiful soft light, perfect for a spa-like ambiance.
  • Roller Blinds: These blinds can withstand moist conditions from steam generated from hot baths and showers. They come in different print options, colors, and transparencies, including blackout to semi-transparent.
  • Vertical Blinds: These blinds provide a fresh look for your bathroom, offering versatile operation for better light control and privacy, which are some of the most important considerations in a bathroom.
  • Venetian Blinds: Aluminum vertical blinds are always a fashionable choice for bathrooms. They are easy to clean, and ideal for bathrooms because of their water repellent slats. Venetian blinds come in many shades, allowing you to choose the right color for your super stylish bathroom.

5- Choose Elegant Blinds For Your Dining Room

Make your dining room more inviting with dramatic Roman blinds. You can choose a fun fabric design for your Roman blinds to get the glamorous look you seek. Wood blinds also offer glare control and privacy during dinnertime, or you could enjoy a private dinner with family and friends by installing blackout blinds.

Combine blinds and curtains to create a stunning dining room design, perfect for special gatherings like birthdays or anniversary dinners. Mixing and matching heavy-duty curtains and blinds can also help insulate your dining room during winter, especially if you have large windows that could otherwise cool a space down.


When installing blinds in your home, consider these tips for choosing the right blinds for every room.

Whether you want a private oasis, an airy haven, or simply want blinds that are easy to keep clean, there’s a window treatment perfect for your situation. Consult the experts today, and create the home of your dreams with stylish and effective blind solutions.

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