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Road Accident – What To Do Next

If you have been involved in a road accident that wasn’t your fault, you will likely run into both short term and medium-term costs (and in some cases, you could also encounter long term costs). These costs could include repairs to your vehicle, medical costs, lost earnings, child care, and damage to any personal items such as clothing, jewelry, electronic devices, or equipment needed for work (e.g. tools). Where the collision is head on, your car may be broken beyond repair – speak to a head on collision lawyer (based in Indianapolis).


Unfortunately, many people may find that the stressful emotions associated with a personal injury are cumbersome, meaning they may seek peace of mind through an early settlement. The insurers of the third party driver responsible for the accident know that this may be the case, and could attempt to contact you to offer an early settlement with a much lower payout. However, where you speak to a personal injury lawyer instead, your case will progress towards an outcome more befitting of the circumstances.

Let’s look at why you should consider speaking to a personal injury lawyer and why you shouldn’t risk ‘going it alone’ if you do choose to pursue your case.


Understanding the legal process

The legal process is underlined by a knowledge of the system and lots and lots of paperwork. If you do not choose to speak to a personal injury lawyer, and instead you choose to follow through on your claim for personal injury compensation, the correct documents may not be filed on time, meaning your case could be dismissed. This is a common theme among people who attempt to bring a claim via self-representation.


A lawyer knows your rights

If you have been involved in a car accident that wasn’t your fault, the responsible third party may attempt to settle early in an attempt to avoid paying out on things that you may not realize are medium-term or long term issues. For example, if you are absent from work for a long time, or if your injury prevents you from carrying on in a specialized role, the costs of lost earnings could be way beyond the amount offered in the early settlement deal. Medical bills may also be mounting, along with the costs of travel to and from medical appointments and the potential for child care costs to begin to spiral throughout your treatment.


Your car accident personal injury compensation claim should cover a range of issues, including vehicle repairs, medical care, emotional suffering, and lost earnings. This is why you should think twice before representing yourself or agreeing to the terms of an early payout.

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