How Does Rosemary Help In Hair Growth?

In today’s era of dust and pollution, everyone is experiencing hazardous consequences on hair and skin, even when we take care in various ways.

However, we tend to forget that the sun and pollution can make our skin and hair prone and vulnerable to damage.

Let’s take an example for hair: Even hair oils and shampoos available in the market include chemicals, which make things worse. Hence all we can do is to use natural alternatives that boost hair growth and shun hair fall.

Long before the introduction of various shampoos and conditioners, beauties searched their gardens and fields to find herbs that solved their beauty woes. Be it premature balding, dandruff, hair loss or dull tresses, there is a herb naturally available that meets every demand. 

With the development of science and technology we have become too lazy to find simple and natural solutions for hair problems. Instead, we resort to manmade toxins and chemicals that can make things even worse.

It is high time we realize the importance of nature; and that nature has remedy for every human ailment and problem.

One such commonly found garden herb that can give beautiful long hair without any side effects is Rosemary. Yes, Rosemary herb is widely known as a folk remedy for its various health benefits.

Rosemary: What is it?

Rosemary, an easily accessible herb, appears green in color and has thin needle-like leaves. It has a typical deep pungent smell but is touted around the world for its vitalizing properties. The herb is known to rouse your scalp thereby promoting growth of healthy hair. You can easily find dried Rosemary at any health food store.

Rosemary is not only safe to use but also helps to treat various conditions, such as increasing menstrual flow, aiding indigestion, supporting circulatory as well as nervous systems, improving memory, relieving muscle pain along with improving muscle spasms.

Benefits of Rosemary:

As per the University of Maryland Medical Center, Rosemary has been used since centuries to stimulate hair growth. Besides its plethora of health benefits, the herb also effectively works in delaying the graying of your hair. Isn’t that wonderful? You would no more have to color your hair if you incorporate Rosemary herb in your hair care regime.

Some of the additional benefits of Rosemary include:

  • Stimulate and improve circulation of blood to scalp as a result promoting hair growth
  • The herb’s antibacterial property helps to cleanse hair shaft gently
  • Amplifies the shine of your hair
  • Prevents early graying of hair
  • Offer relief from dry, flaky and dandruff ridden scalps

How Do I Use Rosemary ?

How Do I Use Rosemary ?

There are numerous ways of taking benefit of Rosemary oil to have healthy looking tresses. One of the most simple and easiest ways of using it is adding two drops of rosemary oil to one tablespoon of your regular hair oil and massaging it on to your scalp.

Wrap a hot towel around your head to leave it on for overnight before shampooing your hair. Following this regime at least once in a week will give you notable results.

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