Rules for Good Customer Service

A good customer support system is the essence of any industry. Companies could offer promotions and reduced prices, and introduce discounts occasionally to bring in as many new clientele as they possibly can, but unless they can get some of those consumers to come back, the business cannot remain profitable for long.

However, it will be your way of dealing with client care that decides if you’ll ever have the option to sell that individual anything else. The soul of good client support is modeling a relationship with clients – a relationship that every client feels that he might want to seek further. How would you approach building such kind of relationship? By recollecting the one open secret of good client assistance and acting according to that; “You will be judged by what you do, not what you say.”

In this article, we are going to highlight a couple of rules that we have researched, evaluated, and learned after dealing with various customer service departments which include Internet Service Providers, delivery services, banks, etc. You can check out Mediacom TV packages to find the best cable offers in your area that are not just delivering quality services and products but ensure your smooth experience afterward too.

Now, let’s get to the rules for good customer service:

1- Keep The Promises

Trust is the core value of good customer service. Ensure the trust is intact. Don’t say things you cannot do. Promising things and then not delivering them can break the trust of the customer in you. For instance, if you say to your customer that they will get their new furniture on Wednesday make sure it happens. Or don’t commit. Before giving any deadline or making any commitment make sure that you can keep them as it will be an infuriating experience for a client that can affect your reputation badly.

  1. Be A Good Listener

Listen to what your customer is saying instead of bombarding him with your blabbering. Listening patiently is the key to understanding the needs and demands of a customer. Nothing can be more annoying for a customer to know that the person they are talking to is not even paying heed to what they are trying to say. And you never want to do that. So ensure to the client that you are listening to them by your nods. Listen carefully, don’t interrupt, and then offer solutions.

  1. Give Complaints Importance

Listening to complaints might feel very unpleasant. No one wants it. It may irritate you to the point that you start saying to yourself that not everyone can be pleased – but – this approach is going to cause you a lot of loss. You cannot make everyone happy but you can try to make this one particular customer who has approached you with any complaint. Solving this one customer’s problem can be super beneficial for your company.

  1. Help As Much As You Can

Always try to help whoever comes to you. Let me give you an example. Let’s say I had this watch I loved but missed one binding clip, due to which I was unable to wear that. I went to the shop to find out if they had the clip. The owner said perhaps he had one in spare. He gave it to me as it was not much of use for him. And the best part is he didn’t even charge for it.

Now, analyze what impact this little act would have left on me. Will I ever go to another shop to buy a watch? The answer is clear NO. I would prefer the same shop for all my future to watch shopping.

  1. Mentor Your Team

Just hiring people for customer service is not enough. You need to train them. You need to emphasize how important it is to have good customer service. Push them to keep learning new things. Your customer service team should be very respectful and courteous.

It should reflect in their way of talking. Also, try giving them the authority to make small decisions that would please customers. As they never sound clueless about anything. Nor do they have to put every customer on hold unnecessarily with such phrases like We will get you back etc.

Make Customer Happy With Something Additional

Keep surprising customers with stuff they didn’t imagine they would get. This makes them immensely happy. The surprises don’t have to be big. You can give them discounted coupons for the future. If not this, you can give them something very small with the thing they bought. It can have a huge impact. For example, A local artist would give hangers to hang pictures with every package. A small gesture – but- with an immense effect.

The Bottom line is a great client service that is tied with sending the regular customers away on a positive note – and bringing them back later. In a perfect scenario, they are satisfied enough to pass reviews about your business along to other people, who may then buy your product or service for themselves and, thus, become repeat clients. In case you’re a good customer rep, you can offer everything to anybody at once.

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