Safe Family Activities to Enjoy This Year

Kids are full of energy, and thinking of new activities to complete each month is a challenge. Instead of wracking your brain up for ways to keep your children safe and entertained, simply take a peek at this exciting list! While this year may have some unusual restrictions due to the pandemic, it’s important to still have fun.

Keep reading to discover nine safe family activities to enjoy this year.

1. Visit a Virtual Museum

Travel around the world visiting museums with your family — all without ever leaving the comfort of your couch.

With the help of Google Arts and Culture, many museums have made their collections available online and free to the public. Using modern technology, your children can see artwork by Van Gogh, Picasso, and Rembrandt. The website provides descriptions of each piece — giving this family activity an educational flair. Keeping this in mind, what legendary artwork would you like to see?

2. Start a Family Game Night

Take out your favorite board games and challenge your family to a little friendly competition each week. Starting a family tournament night will provide you and the kids with the encouragement you need to try new games.

If you run out of board games or things become too stale, move on to card or digital games. Many systems like the Nintendo Switch offer multiplayer activities that are family-friendly. Remember to choose something age-appropriate so that everyone can have fun.

3. Go to a Park

Spend some time outdoors by going to a local park. You can go for a hike, plan a picnic or sit while your kids play on the playground. Remember to follow social distancing measures to keep everyone safe. Specifically, remain 6 feet apart from anyone outside of your household, wash your hands frequently, and wear masks in crowded public spaces, like the playground.

Going to a park also provides your family with a chance to play together. Bring a frisbee or sports equipment and enjoy the fresh air as you play. Kids and adults both require regular exercise to stay healthy.

4. Take a Virtual Cooking Class

Whether you’re a house full of foodies or you’re simply looking to improve your cooking skills, taking a virtual cooking class is an exciting and safe family activity to do while at home.

Websites like Masterclass and Food Network offer easy to follow cooking courses. However, for a more in-depth experience, you could also schedule a personalized Zoom call with a culinary professional online.

5. Have a Movie Marathon

Movie marathons are a fun way to relax as a family after a long week. Turn on your favorite series or get creative with movie marathon missions.

Examples of potential movie missions include watching:

  • Every Disney movie is released.
  • Every movie is released in a dedicated month of a specific year.
  • Every notable character movie, such as Scooby-Doo or Barbie.
  • Every movie is available from a dedicated genre on a streaming platform like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.
  • Every movie on your recommended list.

Keep in mind who’s participating in the movie marathon so that you can choose a topic or series everyone will enjoy.

6. Participate in a Family Fitness Class

YouTube has made fitness easier than ever before. A search for family-friendly exercises produces many fun workouts that your family can complete in less than 30 minutes. Even better, most of these include a warm-up and cool-down and are entirely free to access.

As a busy parent, it’s nice to have a healthy activity to share with your kids. Children 6-17 years old require at least 60 minutes of moderate exercise each day. If you have a baby or toddler, you may prefer a more structured workout class created specifically for that age group.

Zumbini courses were made with youngsters in mind — it’s essentially Zumba for babies 0-4 years old. While some Zumbini style exercises are available for free on YouTube, you can access official instructor-led courses on the website by signing up and paying a fee.

7. Create an Obstacle Course

Every kid loves a good obstacle course — and it’s easy to set one up at home using items from around the house. If you plan to make the one indoors, chairs, hula hoops, and cardboard boxes are the perfect materials to use. If you choose to make an outside course, use items that will hold up well regardless of weather conditions.

Examples of outdoor obstacle course materials include:

  • Pool noodles
  • Plastic buckets
  • Water balloons
  • Planters
  • Waterproof balls

If you have a teenager, encourage them to help you set up the activity. It will give them a chance to express their creativity and style. Once constructed, guide your child through the course or participate yourself!

8. Embark on a Road Trip

While travel conditions are far from normal, road trips are a fun and safe way to celebrate life as a family. There are many stunning locations scattered around the U.S. that offer family-friendly activities.

Popular remote road trip destinations include:

  • Big Sky, Montana
  • Big Sur, California
  • Lake Tahoe, Nevada
  • Great Smoky Mountains State Park, North Carolina
  • The Berkshires, Massachusetts

9. Join a Book Club

Embrace your family’s love of reading by joining a book club or starting your own. Reading together is relaxing and therapeutic. Plus, the books will give you something to discuss at the dinner table.

While the book styles will vary based on your child’s age, this activity will encourage them to read more often. As a result, their vocabulary will expand, and they may discover new passions.

Think Outside the Box

With such a wide range of fun activities, family time will seem to fly by. Remember to think outside the box — you may be able to combine some of these ideas for an even better experience. When you think creatively as a family, your imagination is the only limit!

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